View Full Version : PAK-40 Dio

Gun Grape
12 Sep 09,, 21:13
First model and Dio that I've done since 1995.

Forgot to varnish the base before I put the celuclay down. It cupped :(

I also forgot to tape the sides. So I smeared Celuclay all over them.

Just basic stuff that slips the mind.

I know it needs work but its been 14 years.

I'm not done yet. Still need to do some touch up and blending. But I thought I would post pics before I dullcoated it and really messed it up trying to weather and blend it.

I used an old Tamiya 1/35 Pak-40/L46 gun, The Soldiers at Rest set, with a few arms and torsos from the spare parts box. Verlinden ammo boxes and barbed wire. The personal weapons came from the parts box.

Knaur Amarsh
12 Sep 09,, 21:21
Looks pretty cool, not as cool as your signature though :))

13 Sep 09,, 08:33
Clearly it pictures a german gunnery sergeant giving a lecture about beneficies of camouflaged position :)

Gun Grape
13 Sep 09,, 20:06
Clearly it pictures a german gunnery sergeant giving a lecture about beneficies of camouflaged position :)

The cigarette gave it away. Didn't it:))

The next one will be better. I've got a few years to get to Nords level though.

14 Sep 09,, 03:41
Nice! I did a Pak40 on a Verlinden street corner base for a friend once. ATGs make for nice little dioramas, don't they?


Gun Grape
14 Sep 09,, 04:18
Thanks. Yea they are great for that.

And I almost did a street corner. I've got the old Verlindin Productions "Ruined Mansion" And an old Heller stone wall. Told you I had a box of old kits.

And that Pak 40 is a great "Skill Builder" model. Or just about any of the old ATGs. Saw it at the local Hobby Lobby for about $8.00. I don't mind practicing weathering techniques, blending or playing with the airbrush with those kits.

They still build decent, for my old eyes. Don't look as sharp as the Dragon kit. But they are 1/4 the price.

It took almost a year for me to build the kit because my son got bit by the modeling bug when we did the Wright Flyer together. He built 4 cars over the summer, I had to squeeze time in to work on my stuff. Hes learning a lot about patience and attention to detail.

The big reason I started building again.

Gotta watch us Dads. We are tricky:)

The wife did get a little upset when I bought the new 1/35 M-198 model, some ammo and ammo cans. but I reminded her that way back, I told here if they ever came out with one I was going to build one of my guns.

Came close to $100.