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16 Aug 09,, 21:25
Here are some pics from Istanbul...

The first one features me having lunch at Rumelihisari, which was a fortress built by the Sultan Mehmed II (Fatih - the Conqueror) a year before he conquered the city. It stands on the narrowest stretch of the Bosphorus and was designed by the sultan himself.

The second one shows Bosphorus at night, with me on a tour in my sophomore year in college.

Another college photo walking down the path from the Yildiz Palace down...

Big K
16 Aug 09,, 23:07
yerim :)

Luke Gu
17 Aug 09,, 02:49
The first one features me having lunch at Rumelihisari,
Really beautiful!http://www.kanqq.com/qq/smilies/fun2/14.gif

Officer of Engineers
17 Aug 09,, 04:06
She's taken, you knumbskull

17 Aug 09,, 11:31
LOL ;):));):P
Thanks Luke!!

Big K
17 Aug 09,, 14:25
Thanks, Sir :)

dave lukins
17 Aug 09,, 16:15
I can't understand why Fatih Sultan Mehmet would want to build a Restaurant:))

17 Aug 09,, 17:32
Ahahahaha :))
Well, he might have liked the view from there :)) In fact, the place I'm sitting at is a cafe built next to the Hisar itself, where you can wait till summer concerts start beyond the walls...