View Full Version : BB 61 62 Armor Arrgt

15 Aug 09,, 00:30
Finally found the drawing. It was tightly rolled up in my upper "plan files" stowage area.

Got to go to a Reunion committee meeting tonight so I only had time to scan the title block. It is very awkward to handle considering the tight space my scanner is in. So uploads of the drawing will only trickle in.

15 Aug 09,, 04:40
Handling this drawing is a b*tch. It's 2 1/2 feet wide by 12 feet long (though the last detail is in the 10 foot section).

Since the most interest was the armor aft of Frame 166, I'll do my best to scan it in segments. This detail is at the very far end at frame 203.

15 Aug 09,, 05:35
I tried, believe me, I tried to get all the speckling out of this one and clear up the dimensions shown.

This print was made from a mylar reproducible that was made from a brown-line paper reproducible that in turn was made from another type of reproducible. Some of the paper repros we got back from storage were so brittle we couldn't touch them as they would crumble. I contacted the Los Angeles County museum for advice on how to get some pliability back into them.

Anyway, wrinkles, dirt archaic reproduction machines, etc. leads to this deterioration of detail that was impossible to correct then but now I can use Adobe Photo Shop to clean them up. Well, at least until my patience runs out or the eyes get too blurry.