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11 Jul 09,, 21:05
Getting married in September and wanted to look more like a husband!
Plus I'm thinking of a military career.

11 Jul 09,, 23:56
Don't be a hairball. Hair does not make a man. As a matter of fact, don't even waste your money on a barber. Go to the store, buy a cheap pair of electric clippers. Go home, plug it in, don't put any of those silly height guards on it and rake it across your gourd all over, several directions, several times. Get your fiance to help if she can stomach it. I have done this once a week for many years now and I am the sexiest bald mofo I know next to Michael Jordan and Patrick Stewart!:tongue:

I grew my hair out once. Got all the way to my shoulders and I pulled it all back in a pony tail. My hair was very black with a decent bit of receding hairline and I was a martial arts instructor at the time. Got so sick of the Steven Segal jokes that I shaved it all off right before my wedding. Shoulda seen the look on my wifes face, priceless!!:cool:

But hey, in the Army, evryone looks as big eared and silly as you think you do AND everyone is green.;)

Shey Tapani
12 Jul 09,, 07:01