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29 Jun 09,, 11:08
This may seem a little tasteless, but it has been inspired by recent events.

Allow me to explain: to me, 'celebrities' are not actual human beings, they are media creations. Some do or create something of worth or note. Others do not. None have anything concrete to do with my life. I will leave the actual emotions about their lives to the people who personally knew them - to me they exist only to entertain.

If you don't like it so far, bail out now, I'm about to turf any shreds of good taste out the window. :biggrin:

With this philosophy firmly in mind, I come to the last great act of entertainment any celebrity can provide - an amusing or at least interesting death. I should point out that many of these artists are favourites of mine, but a great death is a great death.

I'll share a few personal faves & post a nice little article (which actually contains a few faves, but I won't double up). I'd love to hear anyone else's all time favourite rockstar deaths. I would urge everyone to read the first link I post - proof that 'fire & brimstone' evangelicals are good for something after all.:)

For great rockstar deaths it is hard to go past a bloated Elvis pumped full of Dr Nick's magic pills & dead on the toilet. Buddy Holly & co. set something of a trend with a plane crash, as did Eddie Cochrane with a car crash. The following, however, stand out.

3) Michael Hutchence: As David Carradine might have reflected, auto-erotic strangulation is probably not the last thing you want to do with your life. No w@nk is worth dying for.

2) Lynyrd Skynyrd: Plane crashes are not remarkable in themselves, but running out of fuel midair is. Only the most southern of southern rock bands could manage this one.

1) Keith Moon: The Who has provided two of the great rockstar deaths. John Entwhistle dying 'on the job' was fine, but it is hard to go past the mad one himself. Who else but 'Moon the Loon' could kill himself with an overdose of tablets designed to treat alcohol abuse? Should have just stuck to the sauce.

Rock Music - Premature Death of Rock Stars (http://www.av1611.org/rockdead.html)

The Top 5 Bizarre Rockstar Deaths

Rockstar’s love attention. Its almost a pre-requisite for the job. But its seems that rockstars always leave a lasting impression – deliberate or otherwise. So here it is, the Top 5 Rockstar Deaths (so far).

1. Terry Kath

When the seventies were drawing to a close, Terry Kath, guitarist with soft rockers Chicago, was at home polishing his guns. A self-confessed firearm fan, Kath was cleaning pistol when his safe thinking roadie asked if it was loaded. As if to prove some kind of idiotic point, Kath pointed the gun at his own head and pulled the trigger. Reportedly his final words were, “Don’t worry, it’s not loaded”…

2. Steve Took

A founding member of ****-rockers T-Rex, Steve Took spent his final years wandering around the streets in a drug fueled haze. Blowing any money he had on various drugs, Steve forgot the one thing that would ensure his survival – chewing his food before swallowing. Steve Took choked to death on a cocktail cherry in 1980.

3. Keith Relf

This is actually a surprisingly common death, and also the main reason bands employ roadies. The Yardbirds frontman was laying down some tunes in his home studio on day in 1976. He decided it was time to blast some sweet riffage so grabbed his guitar. What he failed to notice that his guitar was plugged in and was not grounded. When Relf touch the strings he created a circuit and lit up the studio like a May Day parade.

4. Jeff Poraco

Drummers. The know the difference between a drummer and a drum machine, right? You only have to beat the information in to a drum machine once…ahem… Mr Poraco, sticksman for the band named after the crappy little dog in the Wizard of Oz – Toto, was in is garden one fine day in 1992, when he decided to apply some pesticide to the lawn. Sadly for Jeff, he used the wrong type of pesticide, that triggered an allergy causing a fatal heart attack.

5. Johnny Ace

When your filming a TV show in Belgium, i’d imagine it gets pretty dull. Dull enough to play Russian Roulette? Well for Johnny Ace it was. Sometime in the 1950’s a clearly mental Ace was frolicking (?) with a gun backstage during a five-minute commercial break. He started by pointing the gun at his girlfriend, then at his friend. Unsatisfied with the lack of death, Johnny decided it would be a great idea to point the gun at himself. I expect the last thing he heard was, “And were on in 5…”

The Top 5 Bizarre Rockstar Deaths | RedCarpetPuNk.com (http://redcarpetpunk.com/2008/11/05/the-top-5-bizarre-rockstar-deaths/)

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