View Full Version : Devrim(Revolution) Cars "The Movie "

Big K
22 Jun 09,, 14:17

this is the first part of the movie of Devrim.

it is subtitled and translations are not bad.

if you may want to see whole movie you can find it on the YouTube, it is well labelled from 1 to 13.

the movie is about Turkey's attempt to create its own indengenous car, the inner and outsider resistance and reflects very well the atmosphere of early 1960's.

you may find it very very interesting when trying to put yourself into their shoes.

22 Jun 09,, 14:38
thanks for the link Big K.
After watching the 1st part I'm going to look it up.

Big K
22 Jun 09,, 15:37
btw this movie is not "based" on historical facts,

it is "historical facts" and can be considered as documentary.