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23 May 09,, 21:14
15 may,a movie Star Trek XI was on show in China first time.
We 240 Chinese Trekers and sci-Fi fans who live in Beijingjoint ,take a party in the cinema, and see the movie Star Trek together.

When the starship Enterprise showing on screen, We jubilated,and some Trekers almost rolled their tears down.

The film reviews about the new StarTrek movie,I have no idea. But so many Chinese trekers get together and see the the film that we like,that is good.

1,the cinema.
2,The box office of the ciniema,but we blocked up it later.
3,We hung a scroll of the treker web that we belongs to.
4,our check-in that in front of the ST poster, That Chinese characters handwriting was writed by somebody's artist father.Good handwriting,isnt it?
5,pay money.

24 May 09,, 05:10
6,see our hat.
7,live long,and prosper.
8,Can you image, All the viewers in the cinema are the trekers and sf fan
9,a starship on the imax screen, when the Enterprise on the big screen ,we all applauded.(I have no more pictrues of the screen,for shooting the screen was not allowed.)
10, dishes after the film.

24 May 09,, 08:09
Oh, you are on flyine.net as well?

24 May 09,, 10:14
yes I am,flyine,Did you know about it?

24 May 09,, 11:37
I'm there too although I'm not that much into Star Trek. I find its library more interesting. Their reviews of Hyperion (Dan Simmons) are especially helpful.