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11 May 09,, 05:29
All right, first off, let me start off by saying that off all the things I would want to have discussed in a military forum (filled with professional soldiers, no less), zombies would probably be the most cheesy and irrelevant. I will probably sound pretty stupid discussing a fictional enemy in a board of professionals but I still would like to see what everyone thinks.

And to the moderators: if this is in the wrong forum, by all means move/lock it.

I had read World War Z, and it described the American military failing to stop the bulk of the New York City infection in the Battle of Yonkers, at the height of the Great Panic. The blame is put on Cold War-era tactics, insufficient ammo (as they thought they were going to win relatively easily), and the fact that zombies are, well, zombies. They can only die when their brain is obliterated.

(Bear in mind I am considering the "slow" zombies the "realistic" ones because of the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z depict Zack in the most realistic fashion: emotionless, uncaring, untiring, and not just craving brains.)

Normally, when an explosion goes off next to you, all the bodily fluids in you just explode like a balloon. This doesn't happen with Zack because their blood is too thick. Sudden Nerve Trauma (SNT), where the trauma of the explosion is so great that your organs, your brain, all of it just shuts down "like God flickin' your lifeswitch". This doesn't happen with Zack, considering they're already dead. So in essence, the only effect explosions (RPG rounds, tank rounds, artillery) have on zombies is the sheer magnitude of the blast. A direct artillery round would have almost zero effect on a swarm of them because they're all shielding each other from the blast. Sure, some might be torn apart, but they're still a threat if their brain is intact.

The few things humans have an advantage over Zack is that we're smarter and faster. Ignorance is the undead's greatest ally, knowledge its greatest enemy. Yet they cannot feel any emotions of any kind. They do not tire, do not starve, suffocate, rely on any of their senses. They have no chain of command, no leader to assassinate, no industry to cripple. They don't have to be fed, watered. They don't feel the effects of low or high morale.

In essence: how do you think the military (any country) would react to zombie outbreaks across the planet? Would they fail, would they win, would they adapt in time? This virus, Solanum, cannot be cured except for a bullet through the head. It is 100% fatal. I don't expect many of you to take this seriously, but I would appreciate serious answers. If you want, view my answer as: how would the world's militaries deal with an incredibly dangerous viral threat that wasn't curable through medical means?

Like I said above, I suppose I have a lot of guts bringing up zombies in a forum like this, and I won't be surprised if I'm harshly bombarded by insults and/or reprimands. But if you've gotten this far into the post and you haven't already shaken your head in disapproval or disgust and you're at least mildly interested:

World War Z - Zombiepedia (http://zombie.wikia.com/wiki/World_War_Z) That article describes World War Z in a nutshell, and

Battle of Yonkers - Zombiepedia (http://zombie.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Yonkers)

describes the Battle of Yonkers.

12 May 09,, 11:11
Yes this is the wrong forum :D. Maybe you should have posted this thread to the pub section.

On the other hand if small arms fire can punch through the cranium of the zombies artillery fire would also have devastating effect. So I think they can be characterized as slow moving massed infantry without any tactical - strategic understanding or ranged firepower. If this is the case they are no threat to any adequetly armed modern force I believe. The main concern would be to quarantine the effected areas which under martial law may prove easier than what they do with flu outbreaks.

13 May 09,, 04:36
kill it with fire its the only way to be sure.

27 May 09,, 23:44
Lots of napalm and fragmentation bombs.

Gun Grape
28 May 09,, 00:33
Shake and bake.

155mm He and WP.:biggrin:

28 May 09,, 00:41
Zombies indeed.

28 May 09,, 01:33
When push comes to shove and the fit hit the shan, I have faith in my fellow armed Americans to deal with the zombie threat. Slow zombies are easy to pick off. An intermediate caliber rifle is enough to blow up a brain. Assuming each owner of such a rifle has at least 500 rounds of ammunition in his possession, and he's a lousy shot with a 20% accuracy, that's still 100 zombies per gun owner. At that rate, we will run out of zombies to hunt before we run out of ammo.

If a case of zombieism hits San Francisco or New York, well, I'm sure the liberals will talk them into peaceful co-existence. Hmm...maybe that's why SF is so weird. It's already taken over by zombies. Note the lack of diversity in thinking pattern, extreme intolerance toward opposition, and frequent marches with no destination at all.

28 May 09,, 13:58
Yeah, OT but fun - in one zombie epic, the zombies had the temerity to attack towns in the Southern U.S., where every adult male doesn't have a gun - he has a personal arsenal, and knows how to use them.

At the end of the movie, the Southern boys, redneck to a man, were driving around in pickup trucks, armed to the teeth, beer cooler at hand, cleaning any zombie remnants from their land. Several zombies had been captured, tied inverted from trees, and were being used as target practice.

Summary - if you are undead, stay out of Dixie! :biggrin:

Tarek Morgen
28 May 09,, 14:37
Lots of napalm and fragmentation bombs.

That is exactly what would NOT work.

30 May 09,, 21:08
Depends on the characteristics of zombieism.

For example, if it is viral or bacterial with a lengthy incubation period, and an infected person walks through LAX, O'Hare or Heathrow airports, then it could seed itself quite widely and firepower is only one side of the equation.

Gun Grape
02 Jun 09,, 01:28

02 Jun 09,, 02:13
And to the moderators: if this is in the wrong forum, by all means move/lock it.

This is the Pub man, if it doesn't belong here then it doesn't belong on the Board! :))

GunGrape: That picture is a thing of absolute beauty! :)

02 Jun 09,, 03:16
that was an interesting book.. how the "modern" military was obsolete, and the only thing that really worked was the 3 canister rounds that the Abrams had in the battle of Yonkers.. (I think that a few mulit megaton H bombs would have worked as well, since a complete vaporization of a Zombie will include it's brain)

Triple C
02 Jun 09,, 10:57
I found the arc of the Japanese dork who hasn't noticed his city had fallen to the undead until he had no virtual friends to talk to delightfully sadistic.

04 Jun 09,, 01:22
How To Survive A Zombie Attack?

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself at ground zero on Z-Day, the following survival tips may increase your chances of staying alive (well at least until the sequel anyway).

Always Aim For The Head
A sure fire way to put down a Zombie permanently is to destroy the brain, when choosing a weapon fight the urge to get a gun only designed to impress your friends or one that's too heavy remember you will need to carry it around with you. P.S. Hold back one bullet for yourself.

Stay Away From Windows
So you have found some shelter and your fellow survivors are discussing what to do next. Don't get to close to the idiot standing with his back to the unsecured window.

Run Like Hell
Mostly used for trips to the shops but legs come in useful when dealing with zombie attacks. They're free to use and you already know how to use them. If worst comes to worst, you can always run away to fight another day.

Hit The Road
Fact - Zombies like the city. There's more to see there and more people to eat. As soon as you think something strange might be happening, just pack up and move to the countryside. Find a nice field (not a forest as zombies will be able to sneak up on you) and stay there. Become a farmer and wait for it all to blow over.

Never say 'I'll be right back'
The first person to say 'I'll be right back' always gets murdered, or in this case, eaten. Keep your wits about you, stay with other people and if you find yourself alone find some! Remember the saying safety in numbers? Just check they aren't already zombies.

Act like a Zombie
A very cunning way to avoid being eaten by a Zombie is to act like one yourself! The vacant stare, drooling an incoherent mumbling will make you fit in with any real zombies that break into your home. Don't worry about getting the act spot on, just remember the way you felt last weekend when you were hungover.

Decapitation is another sure fire way to kill a Zombie. Found at any good DIY shop, an axe is an excellent weapon for close quarter combat, it's also a great backup when your ammo starts running low. It's sharp, heavy and packs an enormous wallop. Think of Gimli from the Lord of the Rings films when you're swinging and remember to put your weight into it.

Get Creative
So you have run out of bullets and you haven't got an axe, it's time to get creative. Anything that you swing or throw can be used as a weapon, made famous in the film Shaun of the Dead, the trusty cricket bat is a great option. Not only a heavy, blunt implement but also the handle grip is designed to prevent blisters. Why not get your friends to shout Four or Six to lighten the mood occasionally.

Don't Be A Hero
A good way to survive zombie attacks is to give them something else to chase down and eat your friends. If you're in a crowd of people, stand in the middle. Just remember it's better to come up with the ideas and lead the group than to just be a follower. It's the person at the back of the group during chase scenes that gets eaten first.

Get Chuck Norris
If you are ever in a life or death situation, he's the man you want at your side. It's worth remembering though that you don't find Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris finds you.

If You Get Bitten Keep It A Secret
So while fighting off that last wave of the undead with your bare hands, you took one for the team. Luckily for you it was somewhere easy to conceal. It's just a scratch anyway, no point making a big deal about it.

Wait Until The Whole Thing Blows Over
In a similar fashion to moving to the countryside but a tad more British is to simply, put the kettle on, have a cup of tea (or even better get a lock in down the pub) and wait for it to all blow over. ''They're just making a fuss about nothing'' you can hear yourself saying.

How To Survive A Zombie Attack? - Blurtit (http://www.blurtit.com/q1265978.html)

04 Jun 09,, 04:24
:cool: I am going to enlarge that and put it on the wall in my gun room! Very cool Gunny!:cool:

04 Jun 09,, 04:28
I can't believe what i just found.....:rolleyes:
ZED Warning posters for the general population | Zombie Preparedness Initiative (http://ww2.zombieinitiative.org/node/2429)

04 Jun 09,, 04:31
electricity, lots of it, and microwaves.