View Full Version : NCAA March Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Locke
22 Mar 05,, 01:45
So how are your brackets doing? I got hit pretty bad with the Iowa State Cyclones vs. North Carolina Tarheels game, and with the Florida Gators vs. Villanova as welll :mad:

22 Mar 05,, 02:03
I want Duke to win it all, but Im sure they'll choke in the Sweet 16.

22 Mar 05,, 06:10
I actually had Florida facing NC, but the Gators got waxed. Also had Georgia Tech as an upset team, they got dumped by Louisville. I did get the N.C. State win over UConn right. Also had Texas Tech meeting West Virginia, with the Red Raiders going to the Elite 8. Go Bobby go!

22 Mar 05,, 20:13
I bet a lot of people(gamblers) are taking it in the shorts this year with all the early upsets. Thats why they play the game.