View Full Version : Thoughts on International Politics masters programs

23 Apr 09,, 06:00
So I'm graduating, and I realized too late that I wanted to go to a international politics/national security studies masters program. But the upside to that is I have more time to research and prepare for the GRE's.

So as part of that research I was wondering: Has anyone ever heard of these schools

The Rockefeller college of Public Affairs & Policy (http://www.albany.edu/rockefeller/)

The Institute of World Politics (http://www.iwp.edu/)

The Defense and Strategic Studies School (http://dss.missouristate.edu/dssprogram.htm)

I've been looking around for information about them lately, and I can't find a great deal. They all seem to be good schools with good reputations and I like their programs. But I haven't found much criticism, and I was wondering if that's because their awesome schools or just really obscure?

I'd be especially interested in hearing about the Institute of World Politics, mostly because they seem to be the newest and the one I'd be most concerned about (the other two are attached to large state schools).

29 Apr 09,, 20:16
Hmm no one's heard of them? Or just don't know much about them?