View Full Version : Sarkozy threatens to retire...

Tarek Morgen
27 Mar 09,, 08:46
..as the co-prince of Andorra, if the small country does not give in in a long lasting battle over tax evasion.

(For about 800 years the small country of Andorra is ruled, in name, by the Bishop of Urgell, and various French nobel houses. The right for the French part of the co-Principality switched over the centuries until it ended with the French King, and later with the French President. The actual govering is done by the Prime Minister and the parlament. )

27 Mar 09,, 12:38
Would be nice if Sarko would disappear.

27 Mar 09,, 13:25
Its ok let em. That is so long as his Lady (Carla Bruni) takes his place. Much better to look at any way atleast from the Americans perspective.:)):))