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21 Mar 09,, 16:53
Badgers win in OT. Down by one with two seconds left in the first OT, Trevon Hughes hits a crazy drive to the bucket and draws the foul.

Happy for my lad, Trevon. Queens, N.Y. kid who attended St. John's Military Academy in my tiny hometown (of sorts) of Delafield, Wisconsin. Attended their myself as a day-student in 1968-69 as an eighth-grader. Saw Alex Haig address the grad class that year. Used to have automatic service academy appointments at one time and a very beautiful West Point style campus with a great lil' nine-hole course.

Learned basic drill and ceremony on an M-1 from my dad- the Asst. Commandant. School was mentioned in "The Right Stuff". Jim Lovell's kid attended at the time.

Trevon's a tough kid and I'm real happy for him. His life is working out well. Go Bucky! Bring on Xavier!!:))

22 Mar 09,, 06:38
For March Madness:


23 Mar 09,, 14:27
too cool...and the guy missed!

...but that was it for Bucky. Hats off to Xavier. GREAT D.

Albany Rifles
23 Mar 09,, 14:53
My Mounties went down in flames on Day 1!:mad::mad:

At least the Big East still has 5 of 7 going.