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16 Mar 05,, 00:30
Lately, I've seen many different names for pistol and rifle rounds, and boxes of ammo.
So far, the 9mm cartridge has been both .38 and .35 caliber. What is it?
Also, the 7.62mm has been .30 (on a box of ammo), .308 (.308 Winchester), and .32 (.32 Auto) calber. What is it?
Same with the 5.56mm round. .22 and .223 caliber.
And what's the difference between caliber and diameter?

I'm really confused. :confused:

16 Mar 05,, 01:55
Caliber is the diameter of the bore.

A 'mm' rating is in metric, a '.' reading is in US SAE.

.355 = 9mm
.40 = 10mm
.50 = 12.7mm

etc, etc.

17 Mar 05,, 00:46
Are/were you some kind of weapons expert or something? Sheesh.

Veni Vidi Vici
17 Mar 05,, 03:33
Are/were you some kind of weapons expert or something? Sheesh.

His screen name ain't just for decoration.

18 Mar 05,, 19:17
His screen name ain't just for decoration.

Ah. So m21 really is/was a sniper.

Hey snipe: I didn't come-up with this question, but anyway... Never mind.
What's the training like for snipers? And how far away are the targets for the basic (m16) marksmanship test?

I'd really like to know because I'm going to go in the army (in 4 years or so; going to make a career there [retirement plan sounds great]) and would really like to see what kinds of jobs I'd be good at. I am currently a freshman taking honors trig and honors bio; will take next year electronics, metals, etc. and am getting a 4.013 gpa.

I'd like an impartial opinion from you and/or others who have had experience first-hand.

18 Mar 05,, 19:40
The standard M-16 qual course is 40 pop-up targets at ranges varying from 25 to 300 meters. You utilize two 20rd mags(and some units want four 10rd mags) for qualifying.

Snipers routinely practice engagements up to 1000 yards or more. USASS is a combonation of field-craft(especially focused on camoflauge, cover and concealment), observation and reconaissance, basic ballistics, and obviously lots of shooting. USASS just covers the basics. You learn the real art of the trade once you're at permanent party and assigned to a team. USASS is a pretty physically demanding school. Lots and lots of crawling in the swamps at Fort Benning.

BTW, odds are i've been out of the Army since before you were born, lol. ;)

18 Mar 05,, 20:29
Do you get some kind of rest for your gun? And how much time do you get to fire a shot when the target pops-up?

And have you been in any other divisions/units in the military?

18 Mar 05,, 20:39
You fire from a fighting hole, so you can use the rim of the hole as a rest. The time to engage varies with range from about 2 seconds to about 5 seconds.

I spent my entire enlistment in one unit, but i served in an Infantry Plt, the Scout Platoon and the Mortar Platoon, as well as doing quite a lot of range instruction for the gun bunnies.

My unit was 4/31 infantry. One of 2 US Regiments to ever fight on Russian soil at the Port of ArkAngel(where we earned our unit motto 'Polar Bears'), and is the same Regiment that defended Bataan in WWII(there were less than 100 survivors IIRC). The 31st Regiment fought in Korea, and was also among the most highly decorated units in the Vietnam war. 4/31 is now a part of the 10th Mtn Div, and has served in both Afdirtistan and Iraq.

19 Mar 05,, 00:40
Cool. What kind of action have you seen?
Sorry to bambard you with al of these questions. It's just that I want to know what I will be facing in the upcoming years of my life.