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Walking Dead
23 Feb 09,, 18:34
It premiered on HBO this past weekend.

I had a VERY hard time watching it and was very emotional throughout the whole picture. It hit some very sore spots. I even cried a little too. My wife even asked if I wanted her to turn it off.

Incredible film on all accounts, IMHO. Kevin Bacon did an outstanding job.

Anyone seen it? Care to share thoughts?

24 Feb 09,, 01:58
I saw him interviewed and thought it would be a tremendous film. Bacon is a fantastic actor. I also saw the original guy interviewed. My sister was supposed to tape it for me.

dave lukins
24 Feb 09,, 10:21
My sister was supposed to tape it for me.

We can all guess what happened:( sisters, you just gorra love 'em

24 Feb 09,, 10:56
Haven't seen it yet no, looks interesting as I'm a sucker for military/military-theme movies. I'll have to add this to my growing backlog of movies to watch so I can catch up with the times :eek:


25 Feb 09,, 12:29
Watched it last night! Very moving!!! :(

28 Feb 09,, 04:34
I saw a few bits of the beginning and a few bits near the end last night, I think it's worth watching the whole thing based on the parts I saw... I'll have to see if it's on video on demand yet...