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16 Feb 09,, 22:23
Post your favorite sports books that you'd recommend to others.

16 Feb 09,, 22:29
Hmmm, ontop of my head:

- Nothing to Prove: The Jim Abbott Story

- Wayne Gretzky's Auto-biography

16 Feb 09,, 22:30




20 Feb 09,, 22:31
They Call Me Coach-John Wooden

An utterly remarkable man. Still alive after finally retiring in 1974, I'm not sure he still couldn't do it.

IMHO, one of the finest men our nation's produced.

Albany Rifles
23 Feb 09,, 17:55
A Good Walk Spoiled: Days And Nights on the PGA Tour

A Civil War: Army Vs. Navy

Both by John Feinstein

I would read a food label if he wrote it!

28 Sep 09,, 03:41
Terry Frei is an interesting guy. U of Oregon grad, IIRC, and was a columnist for the Oregonian when I moved out here in 1985. His dad, Jerry Frei had been an Oregon football coach (may have been the guy who coached Fouts and Bobby Moore a.k.a. Ahmad Rasheed).

Loooong family ties back to Wisconsin.

Terry took on the story of the 1942 badgers, and it's exceptional. His dad was part of that team. There's a reason why Elroy Hirsch played for the Badgers and AGAINST the Badgers (playing for Michigan).

The war.

Some real manly men here and a GREAT story.

Third Down And A War To Go: The 1942 All-American Wisconsin Badgers (http://www.amazon.com/Third-Down-War-All-American-Wisconsin/dp/0870203606)