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08 Feb 09,, 00:17
Documentary filmed in Tehran by a Somali born journalist, which offers a fascinating insight into the contrasts between an emerging educated class in Iran, and a Government still rooted in ideals as represented by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which belong more to 1979, rather than 2009.


08 Feb 09,, 00:43
Currently BBC iPlayer TV programes are available to play in the UK only

08 Feb 09,, 00:47
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08 Feb 09,, 08:15
Thanks for the link gabriel. I live outside the UK, and iplayer works fine from my location. It would be interesting to compare this BBC documentary with the more recent series of articles from the same reporter (Rageh Omar) which
were made for Al Jazeerah to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Ayatollah Khomenis return to Iran. In those programmes, he focuses in more detail on the issues that could not be reported in material recorded for the BBC.