View Full Version : Dragon 1/35 model figures questions

20 Jan 09,, 22:51
How complicated would it be for me to take all the excess plastic clippings and sprues and melt it down to make some sort of base like what is found in Conte, Classic Toy Soldiers, Call to Arms, Armies in Plastic, etc figures?

In all my years of doing these figures only the Premium Edition/Generation 2 figures will stand on their own.

22 Jan 09,, 08:02
how big are the models i can recommend other options.

23 Jan 09,, 02:09
They are 1/35, here is one of their sets for example: http://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Scale_Figures/DML00006380/product.php

05 Dec 09,, 20:30
I know this is an old post but I have some experience with this very thing.

You have to heat the sprues and scraps slowly and an open flame directly on the plastic won't work. I use an alcohol lamp for heating and a melon baller to hold the plastic scraps. You can pick up a melon baller at your favorite culinary shop. In the US that would be Wally World. If you are not sure what it is as a women.

Break the plastic off the handle of the melon baller and replace with wood. You can pop rivet the wood on. Make a mold of what you need from plaster paris or some other suitable substance. Put the Sprue in the baller and heat it over the lamp until it is fluid enough to pour. Keep in mind that all the different plastics used melt at different rates so take your time and heat it slowly.

12 Mar 10,, 14:07
I have used 1mm plastic sheet stock for this, it is much easier