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27 Feb 05,, 20:42
The Philippines has put up dated WW-2 M-3s into service for Special Operations such as HR and ship boarding.

They use the M-1911 as their standard pistol in the 45 caliber and the M-3 is far cheaper then any other .45 caliber SMG and they had a lot in storage. Hits hard and comes in very cheap. It should give good service for the Philippines in the war on Terror.


From comrade Opus...

"The locally modified sound and flash suppressed M3 Grease Guns issued to Philippine Marine Corps Battallion Special Operations Platoons were well received and will now get another modification: the addition of Weaver mounts and Simmons red-dot optics. This replaces the weapon's original, basic stamped sights and make it faster and easier to acquire targets, aim and shoot. The Weaver rails allow a variety of other optics including night sights to be used. This is yet another laudable, practical measure to increase the Armed Forces' effectiveness in the face of limited resources."


" Evaluation of the M3/M3A1 for issue to the PN/PMC by N-11 also revealed the weapon's adaptability to Philippine Marine Corps Battallion Special Operations Platoon requirement for a silenced, cost-effective weapon. A prototype was built with a locally developed silencer and test-fired at Fort Bonifacio Naval Station in May, 2004."

"It is said that the cost of cleaning, refinishing and issuing 40 M3/M3A1s is the same as the landed cost of a single new .45 caliber H&K UMP submachine gun."

27 Feb 05,, 21:46
What's the recoil like on those?