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22 Sep 03,, 23:52
I read in today's Aviation/Space technology (or one of its offshoots I forget) online paper that Boeing (I think) was looking into a VSTOL cargo craft to deliver up to 1 ton of supplies right down to the trench or foxhole. Can this ba e future UAV? Yes no?

23 Sep 03,, 08:26
Sure, why not?

Don't mean it's a good idea, but it could work, lol.

23 Sep 03,, 23:48
I'm thinking they believe it can be made very quiet and stealthy for some types of special ops and some speciial emergency resupply or night med evac in high threat areas. A future adversary may be much better supplied with night vision equipment and who knows what else. Maybe this is just one possible low cost option for some emerging environments that they forsee.

24 Sep 03,, 00:26
VTOL anything is usually not cheap at all.

24 Sep 03,, 18:39
Yeah, just ask the bean-counters who are sweating blood over the Osprey. Hey! Sweating blood! Just the like the poor guys who ride that pile of record-falsified junk.

25 Sep 03,, 03:19
Please do not start me up on the Osprey, i'm having a good day. ;)

25 Sep 03,, 08:32
LOL! Mentioning Osprey is almost like mentioning S**er Hor**t or Str**er. Not a good idea..