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12 Oct 08,, 00:25
I was just mumbling around, and I got day-dreaming.
About future Factions between countries.
Perhaps say, PERHAPS....The UK and US declared war on each other....who would win?
Using the amount of troops we have now, and some drafted in each Country, and the Naval Forces, Air Forces, etc, etc.
And Common-Wealth Countries of the UK.
And, Provinces of the US.

Who would win?
Just Pondering.

I'm from England, and I live in the US.
Love both Countries.

No, I am not Anti American either.

Officer of Engineers
12 Oct 08,, 00:42
Please, no p!ssing contest threads. These serve no purpose whatsoever.

However, I will have to say SPICE GIRLS over the PUSS_Y CAT DOLLS.