View Full Version : "Boris Godunov" plan - perhaps you know more about it?

21 Sep 08,, 01:36

Just recently I've read about this. The short info I have (I see nothing relevant in Google or Wiki) is that in the 70s Soviets - faced with increased economic difficulties and other problems - quite seriously considered launching the sudden attack at the Western Europe; taking by a storm continental Europe without any serious nuclear response will be formulated and utilizing Western resources to help their bankrupting economy.

Is that info reliable? Does anyone here know more about this?


21 Sep 08,, 03:18
You don't need more then one thread on the issue, certainly not 3 threads as well. The orginal (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/general-history/46846-boris-godunov-plan-has-anyone-heard.html) is more then adequate. Just giving you a bit of advice before a mod see's this.

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