View Full Version : Redacted -- A movie about the war in Iraq

06 Jul 08,, 07:28
Redacted a movie by Brian De Palma (http://www.redactedmovie.com/)
I can't finish watching this movie. I don't know why. Maybe a beautiful flower being teared apart piece by piece, by hypocrites is too much for me.

06 Jul 08,, 07:44
Who, De Palma? He's an idiot, but to be a hypocrite he needs to say one thing and believe another. As far as I can see, he believes his idiocy.

06 Jul 08,, 07:45
Slinks away before Bluesman arrives... :)

06 Jul 08,, 07:46
Slinks away before Bluesman arrives... :)

wimp. Pull up a chair

06 Jul 08,, 07:50
I think this guy is kosher with the premise of the movie and the message it tried to get out to empty theaters (or was it theaters packed with empty or were the theaters like 99% too large). I think so indeed, which makes him thus bluesfood.

Well a bluesman assault will deal with the remains of the red invasion...

06 Jul 08,, 12:08
Stop-Loss is a movie to watch. Loved the ending. Real men do real things.

And for the ladies:
Real women do real things. :redface: