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10 Jun 08,, 14:45
So the japanese and korean finally decide to fight for Liancourt Rocks. In the past, Japan had successfully invade Korea many times, do you think ROKN can defeat JMSDF this time ?

10 Jun 08,, 14:51
IMO Wont happen.
Why? You have a forward stationed USN battlegroup centerd on the USS George Washington battlegroup stationed at Yokosuka, Japan.

Japan is allied with the U.S. as well as South Korea. The US wont let anything happen to its battlegroup nor its people and will untercede between the two nations until an answer to the problem is found. More then likely political at best.;)

10 Jun 08,, 15:08
A "Vs" thread, what fun.

10 Jun 08,, 15:13
well, most of XX Vs XX thread on the froum are hypothesis isn't it

10 Jun 08,, 15:25
I'm bored of China/India Vs XX thread, I wanna see some new "Vs" thread

10 Jun 08,, 17:28
I am so tempted....

Ok here it goes:



10 Jun 08,, 21:01
The Japanese simply have more experience at manning sophisticated naval platforms than the Koreans, so I'll give it to Tokyo on that regards.