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Big K
07 Jun 08,, 23:17
you may find it interesting.


it is in Turkish but pistures says everything...

Tarek Morgen
08 Jun 08,, 01:51
sorry but i saw "turkish star wars" a few years ago and I am kinda scarred to give turkish cinema a second try..

Big K
08 Jun 08,, 03:43
sorry but i saw "turkish star wars" a few years ago and I am kinda scarred to give turkish cinema a second try..

hahahaha :D which one? was it named " Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam" ?? "The Man Who Saves The World" ??? i heard that it was elected as the worlds worst movie ever :)

but theres some very talented actors/actresses and directors in here dont worry :)

btw if you check the trailer you can see why i sad that it may interest you or others :)

Tarek Morgen
08 Jun 08,, 04:35
yes thats the one. And I saw the trailer but...I do know a lot of turks, I even teach some children of the local alivit community German and English in my free time but I have NEVER see them "dancing" like...that. Other than that the movie (as far as I can tell from the the trailers without understanding it) seems to focus more on the spoils of war and comradship than the usual chesthumping nationalism that seems to become more and more popular (or at least that the impression I get) in the recent years. Due the four million turks here the movie mnight be running in a few of our cinemas and if it has subs I might give it a try.

Big K
08 Jun 08,, 23:40
This film is based upon some true stories from the southeastern region of Turkey.

i read the books and believe me they are clearly not a "chest-thumping" in any manner, you can find a passage in the link below from the book "Tales from the Southeast"

on the other hand this movie is a good view from inside of TAF which we were discussing about training systems before.

(PS: please click "english" cause i couldnt managed to give a direct link)

Hakan EVRENSEL (http://www.hakanevrensel.com/default.asp)

And his books…

During the 80s and up until the mid 90s, the Turkish Armed Forces were fighting insurgents and terrorists in the Eastern and Southeastern parts of Turkey. The terrorist camps were set up, across from the borders of Turkey in countries such as Syria, Iran, and especially Iraq, which terrorists would cross and strike military as well as civilian targets on a regular basis. Between the mid 80s and the mid 90s more than 30,000 perished in this silent war, which escaped the radar of not only the international community, but the Turkish one as well. Although the situation turned dormant in the mid 90s, it has unfortunately reared its ugly head again, since the invasion of Iraq by the U.S.

The three stories at the other pages have been selected from the book “Tales from the Southeast” by Hakan Evrensel, who fought this war first-hand as a soldier, and later collected the stories and conducted the interviews as a journalist. Each story in this book covers a different point of view, narrated by an anonymous party, who - whether civilian, soldier, or terrorist - took part in, or was deeply affected by this conflict. These particular three stories were chosen for a reason. They reflect the sometimes all-so-subtle differences between sanity and delirium, stupidity and heroism, horror and satire, hatred and affection.

Hakan Evrensel was born in 1967 in Ankara, Turkey. When - as a kid - he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would always come up with the same reply: "I want to become a soldier"... and so he did. He liked to push the envelope and face challenges, and as a result ended up smack in the middle of combat in Southeast Turkey. Soon though, he started to question "where and why things got out of hand"... and as he realized that he would not be able to get to the bottom of it while remaining in the forces, he quit his lifelong dream - the military - and started out on a quest of looking for answers. He became a journalist, and his troubling journey gave birth to his first book 'Tales from the Southeast', soon thereafter to be complemented by his second book "Ground Minus Two" - a fictional novel, based on true characters selected from among those he met during his tour of duty in the conflict zone. Written in a simple but striking style, it is reminiscent of a film scenario. In fact, a movie based on the books of Hakan Evrensel is now in the making, and is expected to be released in 2007.

Below are excerpts from the foreword of "Tales from the Southeast" and from the backcover of "Ground Minus Two", and three of his stories from "Tales from the Southeast".

Big K
08 Jun 08,, 23:50
and the name is

"NEFES" means "BREATH"

"...until your breath blows to another heart...than you die"