View Full Version : 72nd PAF MK VI Sabre finished in "panthers" Sqd. markings!

27 Jan 05,, 02:07
Well here are a couple of pics of my hobbycraft Mk VI Sabre finshed as a PAF machine circa 1980! The same year they were finally decommisioned and retired. the kit was built pretty much OOB, with the exception of a Zoom P.E fret from Eduard. the green is the standard USAF FS-34079 NATO/ Euro green, and the undersides the usual Pru-Blue. All in all a quick build, and just in time for the contest (Things with blades)....and I was up against some real masterpieces of 'Huns'/ 'Sabre-dogs' other F-86's and 'Cutlass's' and some other art pieces. mine didn't win the top three slots, but hey........may be next time.