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25 Jan 05,, 22:09
Finished my 2nd 1/72 scale airplane kit last week:


Tamiya "Warbirds" P-47D Razorback - a wonderful kit. Pretty much "shake-the-box".


27 Jan 05,, 01:57
God-damn that looks sharp! :) Kudos man.

You ought to be part of my chapter of IPMS MckInstry! :) We got a living "Jug" pilot , an F-14A RIO/ WSO and an F-16 driver in our club! Besides a retd. Ex-USAF C-130E pilot, an F-4E driver from the IL ANG, and an old timer Techie who flew in the EC-121 'Disco' Constellation over Nam! :) besides me...yes me! AKA 'Mig-man'...god-damn we got it all dude!

Here check us out::


27 Jan 05,, 05:16
Thanks for the compliment. And nice site - I'll have to check it out.


27 Jan 05,, 05:33
Dude I got an Academy's 72nd P-39Q 'Airacobra' sittin in its coffin collectin dust for the last few years. I think your Jug has gotten me inspired to tackle it.......I might do it in the all yellow/ black circuit bird that shows up here in Chicago during the airshow in September. :)