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19 Apr 08,, 13:57
I am a Chinese college student. I know firsthand about what HUMAN RIGHT is in China.

You westerners think china kills china suppresses but that was the past and we're changing- it's all too apparent. On one hand, 20years ago, a man who claims democracy and human rights and condemns CPC will be put into jail; 10years ago, people can signal discontent and they daren't perform directly, yet they won't be punished .And now, we can say out loud that CPC is not right and china need freedom of speech and Chinese government shouldn't be stereotyped and we need an administration that talk straight--of course we still won't stand in front of the government gate callin for human right-- but government and officials will only turn a blind eye , instead of suppressing us. We all see our country is getting better in human rights--Rome was not built in one day, and you shouldn't just regard china as it was 20years ago or even earlier. Admittedly china government was not doing very well and CPC is currently bureaucratized in some degree, yet we still believe in our own country and would support our government-- it's making great progress and it will be making constantly.

On the other, in 1989, the Tianíanmen event made you think Chinese government was cruel and tyrannical. I concede that it was true. However, in case you have noticed, in 1989 what we Chinese college students and the general public did is to protest against Chinese government in BeijingóHOWEVER currently we are all together to protest the riot and media!(For some Tibetan callin for freedom is only a few part of people in Tibet or some Tibetan who have been capitalized on, Iím not here to judge.) You know the difference. Mr RAY says: The most important is BY the people, and Ray you shoulda known better.

As a Chinese, I've never ever had this overwhelmingly strong patriotic feeling for my motherland- esp in this special condition. I really hope everyone can calm down and learn the truthóyouíve GOT TO know the truth.


Additionally, Iíll post an article written by a Tibetan. I found it on the internet. You donít have to believe it, just check it out and Iím not here to judge.

My hometown is in Aba, where there are Tibetan, Qiangzhu, Han mainly. I am a Tibetan. If you have doubt about my identity, please check my ID card No. :51322219*****0473.  
  I hope some of Tibetan people can make a inspection for your own behavior after reading this article.
  To chase the freedom is so fascinating; to chase the sky belonging to ourselves is so beautiful. But what I can not understand is why we need to chase freedom, while we have already get the freedom? Now your behavior, has already made our brotherhood, our government feel ashamed. Youíre right, you need your own history, we need our belief to extend the great spirit of King Gesharer. When I was in Seda Buddhism Institute, Iíve read the full story of King Geshar, who is the proud of our Tibetan, even whole China. King Geshar is a hero, he made us live a good life, but can Dalai Lama do it? I hereby need to talk to you about which one is doing better to make us live good life, King Geshar or Communist Party. I donít want to talk about Dalai, he makes me feel ashamed, and he can not compare with Communist Party.
  Seruo, Zhuoda, Dunzhu, you guys come to this forum very often, but what you said shows that youíve forgotten what your parents teach you Ė somebody helped you, you need to appreciate and repay their kindness. Remember the story Grandpa Geden used to tell us?
  If you forget, I can remind you:
  Tibetan knows how to appreciate
  Grandpa said our Tibetans have been really liberated just after liberation. We were no longer suffered from our lords; we were no longer slaves, no longer their long-term workers. Government gave us yak and sheep, the grassland, even the lordís house has been distributed to us. Afterwards, PLAís road-building team arrived. They built the road to Lhasa, the government really manage to succeed to do it. Grandpa said, it was so difficult to build the road. The soldiers were using dynamic to explode the mountain, but on that day, 17 soldiers died, because the stones fallen buried them under the road. The soldiers transport us the salt, the tea, but they never wanted repay. They only said, these were offered by the government. So folks carried the Qinke leaves to feed the truck, because they thought the truck were tired after carrying us so much goods. Afterwards, the soldiers left even two trucks for us, and they didnít want anything. Then we heard the road to Lhasa had been finished, and we really could take bus to go to Lhasa.
  Then, there was drought, the yak and sheep were so slim, the snow was heavy in Winter, so many yak and sheep died. We were desperate, but at this time, Government said the trucks from Chengdu had begun to come to deliver goods to us. We didnít believe at first, but lots of truck delivered foods, quilts, and everything we needed within several days. Our parent generation kneed down on the grassland, to thank government, Communist Party, Chairman MAO, but not to the god, not to Dalai. We Tibetans thank our motherland; thank the support from our people.
  Then, Chairman Jiang ZeMin became the leader, he has done lots of things for us.
  Our generation has seen this:
  I want to ask you: Seruo, who installed your electrical light in your home? Who installed your ďwok coverĒ (satellite receiver)? Who built the hospital in our village? Where the doctors come from? Who spent money to build the road? Who laid the telephone line for us? Who paid our sisters and brothers study cost? Who gave us allowance while we were suffering natural disaster? The landslide flooded your relativeís house, who built him a new one? You have some accomplishment, you went oversea to study, but do you remember Professor ZHANG from Sichuan University? He financially supports you to study oversea, but what are you doing? What you have done to our country? How your family, your benefactors will see you?
  Last year, the railway has been built. In fact, we are poor or not? You know, we are not poor, but Dalai is still exploiting us.
  His lackey sitting in the temple, randomly get a ďLiving BuddhaĒ name and touch the head of folks, then our people donate lots of money to the temple. Communist Party has helped us so much, but we donít even pay the basic tax. They think we are poor, so free our tax. We gave all our money to the temple, and then ask the government to give us allowance food. Did government say anything? They only said: we respect minority religious belief.
  You have been crackdown? Who killed you? Nobody did that. You kind of people deserve to be spurned by all the people.

  I know, you and my brotherhood are friends, and they recommend you to come to this forum. And this is written to you:
  We are in China, our minority is enjoying the same treatment even better treatment than other nationality. You heard that Tibetan are abused by China, and the government crackdown the riots without any humanity, whole Tibetan people, even all Tibetans begin the riots and request the independence. It is fake to say that Chinese government didnít construct and develop Tibet. I will tell you that what happened in my hometown. Donít believe them anymore! What I said could be more reliable than what they say.
  Chinese government has been constructing Tibet since reformation. The real factors are as follows:
  1. Tibet is one of the districts where the tax has been cancelled very early.
  2. There is no ďso called no freedomĒ in Tibet. We have been planned as Autonomous District. We Tibetans are managing our own Tibet, and enjoying the help from our country. Chinese government always promote ďHarmonyĒ and they spend a lot of national reserved fund to financially support our university students to support Tibet construction, develop the education, light-industry, etc.

  3. Chinese government has built the highest QingZang Railway to develop Tibet, to have better economic development of Tibet. Chinese government has helped Tibetan people with full force while there are natural disasters.
  4. Other nationalities of China are not looking down on Tibetans. They regard us as brothers, and we are enjoying same treatment as other Chinese civilians. There is no such a thing as discrimination.
  5. Tibetans thank communist party and our country. There is no such a thing as ďall Tibetans are requesting uprising for independenceĒ. In my hometown, 70% of population is Tibetans, but there are only above mentioned individuals who have their politics desires. The ratio is 1/4000, and these people have been called as gangsters. You are civilized people, free-chasing people, so I guess you will not help those gangsters who even their own nationality are spurning. And hope you will not be blinded by them.
  6. Tibetans are not poor, our average income are higher than lots of other places in China. In my hometown, averagely, every family has 40 yaks, 100 sheep. Every year, the income we get from selling yak, sheep, wool, medicines are over 100k RMB. Average personal income is around 20K RMB. But the folks in my hometown admire religious culture, and the money have been collected by the Dalai Clique by folksí religious belief and half-force method, to be used as their riot fund. Chinese government respect minority religious belief and help Tibetans.
  7. Tibetans are not crackdowns during this riot. Only those mobsters have been arrested by military policed, and police as international custom. To arrest those mobsters who attack police are usual, I guess itís same in your country. The policeman has been beaten, I think you will use force as well, right? However, our policemen had to be very patient, didnít fire bullets to them. All the Chinese people including Tibetans request government to use the force to crackdown this riot. But government is still using persuading policy.
  I believe my brother will not deny the above mentioned point. You can ask them to explain the above.

  What you have done, Dalai? You took away our money from selling yak and sheep, and now you are trying to take away our happiness.
  The riots happened this year! You, Dalai said, we need freedom, our Tibetan people need freedom, so we need independence.
  Dalai, I will call direct this name now. I believe you can see, your lackeys will let you know what Iíve said. I donít need to say first whether communist party is right or wrong, but Iíll analyze the results if Tibet really get independence.
  1. After the independence, Tibet will face economic disaster.
  You know, Tibet folksí main income is from yak, sheep, medicine and other stockbreeding business. If the independence realizes, our motherland become enemy country, and economic connection will be stopped. In Tibet province and other area, there are around 3 million population, what we will use to be economic resources? Our yak and sheep can not be sold to Chengdu, Lanzhou anymore. We can depend on India? India is a big farm country, with Chinese force now, China can force India to cut any relationship with Tibet (including economy and military). Then, Tibet becomes next Mongolia, surrounded by two big countries, no export exit, then you can not get your godfatherís USAís direct economic and military support. The main income of Tibet will die, and people will become slaves again. (You donít care the people, and you only care about yourself.)

  2. Military
  There is no heavy industry in Tibet, so we can not build military products by own. If there is no economic income, what you will use to exchange weapons? USA may give you some weapons, but that will be too little. How your lackeys can use a simple gun to fight against tanks, plane of PLA? Without your own army, how you can be independent? India will help you? Last time when you went there, what Indian Prime Minister talk to you? He doesnít support your exile government. India doesnít want to be enemy of China, then will you will go? Pakistan just beside Tibet is Chinaís alliance, donít even think about to have good relationship with them. Other countries are all alliances of Russia, do you think Russia will give up China to stand with you? You are dreaming!
  3. Population Support
  Donít think too highly yourself. You think all Tibetans are under your leadership? You are wrong, we Tibetans are people as well, we know who are treating us well, and who are exploiting us. You think we will stand together with you? These riots can show you a fact: In Lasha, there are less than 1 thousand, in whole Tibetan area, there are less tan 10k. I make you a full account, 10k, means 1/300 is under your leadership. If you cancel the several hundred RMB per day to those people, I guess there will be only 1000 people means 1/3000 with you. No need army, our Tibetans can use spit to sink all of your lackeys. You have no population support, and you have no shame to say your will be next MAO Zhedong? Youíre insulting him. You think there are still folks donating money to you in the temple, then all Tibetans are backing you up? Believing you? Wrong! Old generation might do that, but next time your so called living Buddha is cheating money again, check how many young people are giving your money? I could say basically no more!
  4. Beliefs:
  Now, your power begin to be weaker and weaker, did you notice that? How many young people are still believing you? How many people are still trusting you? Your behaviors have been regarded as a joke. You are acting as monkey of Tibetan? My living Buddha, you are performing in the world, how much they pay you for that? You shamed us. You are ashamed, how we can still trust you? Do you know we can not trust a monkey?
  Seruo, Zhuoda, Dunzhu, I tell you, you have violated Chinese Law, violated bottom line of our Chinese morality. Last time, government forgave you, but we will not forgive you. If you will still behave like this, I will wait for you in Chengdu. No need others to act, I will kill you! Your parents called me, said that you havenít contacted home for more than half a year. They worried about you, but I didnít tell them you have become dogs of Dalai. I am afraid your parents will kill you. Maybe you could be beam of China, but doing this, you will die. Your brother, me, I am not a weak person. I can see clearly who is the real one who deserves to be the leader of Tibetan and bring us to be rich and make Chinese to stand at top of the world.
  Youíve changed your mobile, I can not contact you. But I know you always come to this forum, so I hope you will not do it anymore. Please go to turn yourself to police, donít do bad behavior anymore. Folks from hometown, your parents, and your friend will not forgive you. You made Tibetans lost face already. Now when I read about Tibetans riot, I want to cry. I want to argue that Tibetans are also nationality in China. But who will listen? I only can tell all my friends, we, Tibetans are not as you imagined, we are not mobsters.
  My brother, please donít do this anymore.

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19 Apr 08,, 14:56
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