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14 Apr 08,, 17:45
Itís just awesome. If I had to sum up watching BOB itís just that. It has everything youíd want in a great show. Itís like an expanded version of Saving Private Ryan.

I donít think itíll ever be topped

One of many reasons to love HBO. :biggrin:

If the new mini-series based on the Pacific theatre is half as good itíll be worth watchingÖ.


14 Apr 08,, 18:43
Excellent series, and fun to boot.


14 Apr 08,, 23:01
Yeh, watched a few episodes. All excellent. Just don't watch tv on a routinely basis, else, that would definitely be my show.

14 Apr 08,, 23:46
I feel that the book did a better job of communicating the story. But the series was nice, & not just to be able to put a face to a name.

15 Apr 08,, 03:07
very well made, another excellent production by HBO

15 Apr 08,, 05:56
You just HAVE to get the DVD set. It includes the follow up episode with more in depth interviews with the men of the 101st.

For example, when the German General surrenders his Luger, it is handed back in the movie. In the interview with the actual American officer, it was a PPK that was handed over and kept. Kept especially since inspection showed that it had never been fired.

One thing that bothered me about the movie is it looked like they used the same young actor who played the American in German uniform as the unit was getting to load onto the airplane, then he played the Oregon born American German prisoner and finally played in the flash backs of the German/Polish soldier the Lieutenant killed.

I have the full DVD set but have not taken the time to research that actor.

If you want to be picky about the fact the the Tiger tanks were actually modified T-34's, go ahead. But not on this thread, please. Technical differences such as that are NOT the HEART of the movie.

Albany Rifles
15 Apr 08,, 14:29
Very well done.

I am w/ Rusty...the DVD set is great. I can't decide which are better, the veterans' interviews or the videos of actors boot camp. Dale Dye's speech in the last frame is truly outstanding.

FYI Hanks and Speilberg are currently in production on a similiar project for the Pacific Theater as well.

17 Apr 08,, 00:23
I will be looking forward to seeing the Pacific Theater version.

"You can't fix stupid"

17 Apr 08,, 01:01
I too have to agree with Rusty. The DVD set is truly worth the cost. All the episodes, plus the bonus DVD. I personally liked the actor boot camp. Question now is, do all war movies put the actors through that???

Fltengineer, Band of Brothers is based off the book "Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose. The book served as essentially a guide as to how the mini-series would run. Ambrose never wrote much about the Pacific Theater, if at all. Of his books, I've read Citizen Soldiers, Band of Brothers, The Wild Blue, D-Day, and Eisenhower (Along with Undaunted Courage, but that's not WW2.), and none of discuss the Pacific Theater more than simply a contrast between the ETO and PTO (I guess it's PTO?). Although it'd be interesting to see an equivalent, I wouldn't expect it to be as good, or even in the same context. The two theaters were very different. The best Pacific theater movie I've seen is Letters from Iwo Jima, and to a lesser extent, Flags of Our Fathers.

17 Apr 08,, 03:42
The best Pacific theater movie I've seen is Letters from Iwo Jima, and to a lesser extent, Flags of Our Fathers.

I was rather dissappointed in "Flags of Our Fathers" in that it was just the third or fourth retelling of Ezra Hayes and his drinking problems. And I don't understand this prejudice against American Indians as in "Wind Talkers". Perhaps being from Wisconsin and having a grandmother who (and her 3 sisters) were sort of raised by the Kickapoo Indians I feel like a brother to them (they taught the girls how to ride horses bareback, track game, fish and shoot a rifle).

I recorded "Letters from Iwo Jima" but screwed up the TV and Direct TV box by trying to run some old Flash Gordon serials (with Buster Crabbe) using the wrong control. So I lost everything I had saved in memory.

17 Apr 08,, 03:45
Agreed, it wasn't up to my standards, but in all truth, it was probably one of the better Pacific Theater movies. Windtalkers was a joke.

Bob Jones
23 Apr 08,, 19:38
Superb, excellent, magnifcent, got the DVD box set, its right up there with, 24Lost, and Heroes, well done to all concerned with these programmes

Big K
24 Apr 08,, 16:40
i have the DVD set and the book too... :))

24 Apr 08,, 17:38
Wonderful series.......couldnt really afford the dvd set here in india so had to resort to ahem 'unsanctioned'means to get me a copy. (spent all my cash on inspector morse complete collection)
And yes rusty, I was really looking forward to seeing the tigers and the t34 cosmetics did annoy me.