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03 Apr 08,, 17:20
I had the 2 lunatics who hold all the current deep diving world records in my office yesterday!

Thought Leader Michael Trapido Scuba diving: Does my bum look fat in this? (http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/traps/2008/04/02/scuba-diving-does-my-bum-look-fat-in-this/#comment-24215)

03 Apr 08,, 17:31
I'm assuming these gentlemen use a tri-mix for these depths?

03 Apr 08,, 17:40
Dread I don't know what they use - They're certifiable as far as I'm concerned!

03 Apr 08,, 17:53
Dread I don't know what they use - They're certifiable as far as I'm concerned!

I come up with 1,044ft or 0.178 miles for the Sea dive. No doubt they were using tri-gas for this. Regular oxygen mix would have made their head explode.

This tri-gas in its infancy was used by divers to explore a lost german sub off the coast of New Jersey in the early 1990's (U-869) the sub itself was only at 230 ft deep but the ocean currents made it deadly to explore. The book (Shadow Divers) records this discovery. Some of the crew used tri gas to enable them to not only stay down longer but also help them accelerate decompression on the return. If these divers actually dove that deep in the open ocean no doubt tri-gas or and adaptation of it played a large part in their survival. Interesting.

04 Apr 08,, 00:23
I read an article in Sports Illustrated or maybe Outdoor magaizne a few years ago about a French couple who did free diving; going underwater without tanks. Talk about nuts! They were going for world records, I think one of them died while attempting it. This thread just reminded me of that.

04 Apr 08,, 13:29
I'd have died of boredom if I had to wait 12 hours to come up. Mind you I'm sure you can play with yourself - Whose gonna see you down there?

04 Apr 08,, 16:29
i did diving, many years ago, but not deeper than 20m. it is cold as hell in black sea,

05 Apr 08,, 02:15
I have my open water scuba diving license. I need to do a refresher course though, I have not dove since before College.

The deepest I have ever been was about 45ft in Lake Simcoe. I have a fear of deep water (makes sense scuba diving eh!) During one of my first diving sessions, I was with the instructor I went to around 30feet and started to panic, consuming oxygen like mad.. There wasn't really any reason to freak out.. just I got scared because when you go deep you loose sight of the surface, and ahead of you is nothing but darkness..

We surfaced, I calmed down.. the next time he took me down but this time told me not to check my depth gage.. so I was ok, going along.. then he told me to check my depth gage and we were at 40feet!! I was fine after that!

I remember finding a dead seagull in Kempenfelt bay with a buddy...we picked it up and brought it to the surface than watched as it slowly sank in circles to the bottom!!

Oh, and Georgian Bay has some mad Crayfish populations going on...and Smallmouth Bass are incredibly curious, and brave fish! had one big one come right to my mask haha..went out to touch it and it darted away in a flash!