View Full Version : Children's television?

31 Mar 08,, 21:00
Clip (http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/1729.htm)

31 Mar 08,, 23:04
I'm afraid that is the sort of early brain-washing these kids are getting. :mad: Martyrs under indoctrination. Do you hear howling against this sort of thing from the world of Islam? No. Not a sound. You have however heard the hysteria over the 16 minute Qu'ran film made in Europe. The Europeans are obviously racist to produce such blasphemy. :(

01 Apr 08,, 05:14
Most of the Left in Gringolandia would probably applaud this clip. Europe and Latam as well.

01 Apr 08,, 06:42
what a crappy piece of propaganda, whoever made it has 0 imagination.

Knaur Amarsh
01 Apr 08,, 06:50
:eek: Jeez,that was one creepy clip,did they telecast it on TV?