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Tarek Morgen
18 Mar 08,, 02:25
After the rather disappointing "Flyboys" there is another WWI Avatiation movie to be released, this time (like the name suggest) about Richthoffen. Its a German made movie, but was shot in English. You can watch an English and a German trailer under -- The Red Baron -- (http://www.redbaron-themovie.com/index_de.html) (they are completly different ones, while the German trailer focus more in the horror of war, the english one does more go into glory & honor...). While the flight scenes seem to surpass those of Flyboss easily (alone the look of the planes), the story, I fear, seems to have been turned into a rather cheesy love story. Which is rather sad since until now German war movies were pretty god at avoiding those clichees and presenting a rather realistic view of the war..well at least the flight scenes should be worth watching it. After all its not like they make plenty movie about the subject (WWI) nowadays.

18 Mar 08,, 19:15
About 10 years ago, a made for TV movie was done about the Red Baron. It was a well done movie and I enjoyed the manipulation of orders his squadron used to paint their new Fokker Triplanes any color scheme they wanted; thus becoming known as The Flying Circus.

In the final scene before his fatal flight, he is predicting what kinds of people his squadron comrads may turn out to be. Then he turns to Hermman Goering and says that he is going to be a very dangerous man.

The actor who played young Goering looked just like him.

Tarek Morgen
18 Mar 08,, 19:38
I think I have seen the movie you are talking about, but can't remember that scene (But it has been many years).

Some trivia:

In the movie Richthofen is shown to be killed by a Canadian Pilot, instead of the Australian ground gunner who seems to have fired the lethal shot. Guess they found it more fitting to have him killed by "one of his own".

Is titel in Germany is not Baron (which existed here too) but Freiherr (which means Freeman or Freelord). Though he is still known as der Rote Baron (Red Baron) or even just as "der Baron".

Apparrantly Richhoffen was the first pilot who was honored with the "missing man formation" ever when buried by the british.

In the end they had to invent new medals to give him, because there was nothing left they could award him with.

Ah and that scene about manipulation of the orders is afaik pretty close to reality( and a similar one should be in this one).

I hope the next WWI movie will be about Felix von Luckner and his Seeadler.

29 Mar 08,, 08:14
The next WWI flying movie ( yeah, right) should be about Frank Luke, a tragic hero and tortured soul if ever there was one.

Indirect Fire
09 Apr 08,, 02:22
Speaking of The Red Baron, what would von Richtofen think of this? http://www.redbaron.com/images/logo.gif

Kansas Bear
12 Apr 08,, 17:09
Speaking of The Red Baron, what would von Richtofen think of this? http://www.redbaron.com/images/logo.gif

The mustache makes him look Italian!

12 Apr 08,, 17:23
The mustache makes him look Italian!

No no! French, surely? :)