View Full Version : Favorite News Network/Shows?

12 Mar 08,, 01:34
What's your favorite news network, CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC?

I hadn't seen Fox News until recently, and like Special Report w/Brit Hume, Hannity & Colmes, the Beltway Boys, Hannity's America and Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld.

Can't really watch the O'Reilly Factor, don't like the guy. I think CNN has taken a dive. I like Meet the Press w/Tim Russert, and will tune into Hardball w/Chris Matthews once in awhile.

I'd watch Countdown w/Olbermann.... with a gun to my head.

12 Mar 08,, 01:57
I like Fox News. I had extensive viewings when I was unemployed for 10 months. Fox and Friends is good. Julie Banderas is hawt!!! Your World with Neal Cavuto is also good. He ties business and economic news to world events. I can never wake up early enough for Studio B. O'Reilly is a bit too self-righteous. Hannity is too much flag-waving. Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld is funny.

I can't stand Commie News Network.

12 Mar 08,, 02:08
CNN has taken a dive. I had Fox News on satellite for a while until the provider changed, never watched it much though, didn't really like the format and of course O'Reilly really is a sorry sack. I would give about a months pay to see he and Michael Moorer beat each other to death. The world could use fewer self-righteous blowhards like the two of them. BBC has its issues, but I find myself watching World Report pretty religiously. They are all far superior to CCTV(local news in China).

12 Mar 08,, 03:23
I watch BBC when I can.

14 Mar 08,, 00:29
Oberman and that little midget on hbo make me sick!

14 Mar 08,, 01:07
I don't watch TV for news. If I did, I'd go back to Brit Hume's Special report.


14 Mar 08,, 01:09
I don't watch News on TV per se, However, I do catch the dailyshow when ever possible.

14 Mar 08,, 03:13
BBC news "hardtalk"

dave lukins
14 Mar 08,, 09:56
BBC news "hardtalk"

Yes..no punches pulled there.

14 Mar 08,, 14:03
I watch BBC when I can.

I'm with Debbie. I don't get BBC news with my cable service at home but I watch it whenever I can when I'm on the road. At home, I use the BBC and WSJ web sites on my computer. I watch CSPAN Washington Journal and MSNBC on TV. When I'm in Canada, I like "The National" with Peter Mansbridge on CBC.

20 Mar 08,, 18:35
I usually watch the local channels in the morning, along with CNN. MSNBC is what I read on line. Usually because ESPN or NESN takes over the TV once I'm home from work.

30 Mar 08,, 22:38
I watch BBC when I can.

I watch the BBC World News every day before The Nightly Business Report.

Does Saturday Night Live count as news?;) :biggrin:

30 Mar 08,, 22:42
I wish I had access to BCC.

I would rate them as follows
1. CNN (however Larry king needs to retire)
2. MSNBC too much politics not enough news
3. FOX - too much politics not enough news

30 Mar 08,, 23:17
I watch the BBC World News every day before The Nightly Business Report.

Does Saturday Night Live count as news?;) :biggrin:

YES!!! No one do the news like Roseanne Roseannadanna on Weekend Update! :biggrin:

12 Jun 08,, 22:50
I quite like Fox News but I only wish they'd bloody stop reporting so much crap. I mean, who really cares if the old woman from Alabama managed to get her cat down from the tree? Pfft....

The BBC is the worst spreader of liberal propaganda in the UK. Thank god for the telegraph.co.uk!

12 Jun 08,, 23:42
Domestically I like RTE news, TV3 at 10 and Nuacht TG4 - all high quality journalism, though as I pay a licence fee for RTE I'd demand my money back if it wasn't :).

Internationally I like Euronews, CNN and sometimes Sky news.