View Full Version : Great Britain and France Declare War on USSR in 1939

25 Feb 08,, 03:28
When the Third Reich invaded Poland in 1939, war was declared on Germany by GB and France, now what would have happened if they had declared war on the Soviet Union after their invasion of Poland 2 weeks later?

now i know this would never have happened due to the fact that at the time the USSR invaded Poland was a lost cause and the allies had enough trouble on their hands with Germany. It just makes for a good lengthy debate :))

25 Feb 08,, 03:30
You got a stutter ? :biggrin:

25 Feb 08,, 03:32
You got a stutter ? :biggrin:

if you are refering to the fact that i sent the same post out 3 times then that was a technical fault in my computer, i dont know what that is tho

25 Feb 08,, 03:45
War with the USSR was a distinct possibility in 39 early 40. The Soviet Union was seen as an ally of the Hitlerites and an enemy of Democratic Finland. The problem for the UK.France is of course is doing anything of any means to the USSR. When Germany takes Norway Finland is cut off. Plus the UK does not want to anger the reds to much lest the bear fall on the Middle East.

25 Feb 08,, 04:35
IIRC, the UK and France were actually on the verge of conducting a bombing raid on Soviet oil fields from their bases in the ME around then.

26 Feb 08,, 12:15
It is an interesting scenario, Danowest ... the Soviets had been left out of the Munich peace conference during the Czech crisis, and in April 1939 the Brits and French did effectively fob off an attempt to ally with them ...

08 Mar 08,, 19:53
If France and GB had declared war on the USSR The US would of entered the war sooner because the british would of been even more strapped for men and supplies as they were when the americans finally decided to join.
it would of been unwinnable