View Full Version : Super Bowl XLII will identify the next U.S President

02 Feb 08,, 11:51
Thought Leader Michael Trapido McCain vs Romney, Clinton vs Obama: Super Bowl 42 will identify the next US president (http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/traps/2008/02/02/mccain-v-romney-clinton-v-obama-super-bowl-42-will-identify-the-next-us-president/)

Which means by tommorow night you will know with deadly accuracy who the next president is.


04 Feb 08,, 06:59
There's no chance of stopping her now based on the Super Bowl accurate to 1% predictor.

Tears in a coffee shop anyone?


06 Feb 08,, 05:56
Actually the last Redskins home game before the election is also a pretty barometer. If the 'Skins wind then the incumbent's party takes the election, if they lose the opposition wins. Since 1936 it's been right 17 out of 18 times (94.14% accurate), with the only miss in 2004.

Redskins Predict President (http://www.snopes.com/politics/ballot/redskins.asp)

06 Feb 08,, 08:09
There's another one that says if an NFC team wins the Superbowl, the coming year will be bad for the stock market. If an AFC team wins, then the coming year will be good for the stock market. It's accurate like 80+%.

So there's a greater than 80% chance the stock market will not be good this year.

06 Feb 08,, 18:07
And if Mike Stofile takes over South African Rugby then the game will be up :

Thought Leader Michael Trapido Get the Stofile out your ears; it has to be Oregan Hoskins (http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/traps/2008/02/05/get-the-stofile-out-your-ears-it-has-to-be-oregan-hoskins/)

BTW what were the chances of the Giants winning?

Maybe my predictions based on Super Bowl XLII works.....

06 Feb 08,, 18:49
There's no chance of stopping her now based on the Super Bowl accurate to 1% predictor.

Tears in a coffee shop anyone?


Disagree. She wont make it. Obama is far to popular for her with no past in the senate votes and Hillary's skeletons are starting to open the closet door.
Former "friends" backing Obama and the like.

IMO, McCain will be your next president as the population tires of the Hillary/Obama show and all the needless antics. They might just as well add Bimbo Spears and her pathetic life to their campaign as well. All the same.;)

Honestly, Who in their right mind would vote for ANYBODY that Ted Kennedy endorses. Nothing more then a criminal who never got "his", dam shame he is the only real Kennedy left. I would have traded Jack, Robert or Jr, for him in a heartbeat.

Obama, He has of all people "Opra" beating the drum for him, ok she is a personality and rich as well but with it in a foreing policy sense besides what she built for children in other countries. Not!

McCain, Endorsed by of all people Arnold. Many people find Arnorld ten times more with it then Opra will ever be. He is the govenor of one of the weirdest states voting/view wise and related to Ted Kennedy. People look at Arnold and realize he can change with the times, hold intelligent conversation, please the "green needs" of those concerned and piss off Speaker of the House Nacy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) aka home of the anti/war gay capital of the U.S. without even a worry and who does he back a vietnam era P.O.W. by the name of McCain. A man who did not speak out against his country even as a prisoner.And survived a grueling stay in the "hotel" while the others werent even born yet and Slick Willy (Hilliary's dunce) was busy protesting the U.S. from a foreign country.
So if any of them know what its like to suffer and I do mean suffer its definately McCain by far.

Yeah I want her running my country and a husband that couldn't tell the American public the truth if his life depended on it never mind his marriage.

There is still alot to be known about Hilliary and Bills presidency and what alot of people dont know about the two. They are stalling as much as possible and hoping it dont come out before November. If it does no doubt they are not sinking but sunk.;)