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18 Jan 08,, 19:05
See the "pilot" for 24 here:

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot - CollegeHumor video (http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1788161)

18 Jan 08,, 19:14
That's fricking hilarious!!!

18 Jan 08,, 22:46
Did you guys see the president's aide picked up an IP phone? There was no phone back then with an LCD display that huge. :biggrin:

If you think about it, 1994 was before Windows 95. The average home PC was a 486DX running at 33MHz or 66MHz. Was Netscape even around back then? The average modem ran at 14.4kb. The average hard drive space was 200MB. A stick of 4MB SIMM would set you back $40. The average cell phone weighed as much as a brick, literally. GPS was the stuff of military science. LCD screen was just perfected to be used on a portable device. And the backbone of Airforce's bomber fleet was the B-52....wait....

21 Jan 08,, 15:24
When I lived in Sweden, in 98, there were radio-controlled wrist bands for social workers. The wrist bands monitored 5-6 receivers connected to elders in a radius of 6-7 km. If something would happen to old Marit, the patient number would turn red on the wrist band and the social worker would know that he has to interfere.

In Sweden they didn't bother with passports. They had personal numbers, and every policeman had a small laptop-like device. If you entered the personal number in it, all of your data were shown.

And most of all: the Swedes had god-damn mall check-out desk separators! Here in Belgium, if you go shopping, all of your products are rolled out into one single slot after scanning, which means that if the person before you had bought a lot, you will have to fait for him to pack. In Sweden, there were separators that directed the stream of groceries into a direction, allowing several people to pack simultaneously.
In Belgium they don't have all that anno 2008.

And about inventions: everything was discovered and mainly everything was invented before 1900. They did know how to split atoms a little later, so that is an exception.

21 Jan 08,, 22:56
...Was Netscape even around back then? The average modem ran at 14.4kb...Before Netscape there was Mosaic...

In those days, we surfed the web at 14.4 and we liked it that way. There were over 100 web sites to choose from and that was plenty...

[/cranky old man]


21 Jan 08,, 23:14
Impressive, I have to give some applause for that thing. It feels like nothing's changed, but when you compare now and then, quite a lot has changed.

21 Jan 08,, 23:16
I miss my pager.


21 Jan 08,, 23:31
I miss my pager.


Capt B was given one. She got called in TWICE this weekend.:mad: