View Full Version : Proposal: South and East Asian ex-military offering services privately in Iraq.

16 Jan 08,, 22:12

Please accept my apologies in advance if this topic has been discussed or is too sensitive for WAB forum.

Just to shed some background,I was working briefly in Hereford,West Midlands which is the centre of SAS training in the UK and in the initial months after the Iraq invasion one of the hot topics in local pubs used to be centred about private security services in Iraq.

I understand that China, India,Pakistan and I am sure many other Asian countries have some of the finest soldiers. Is there a reason why they are not forming private companies and offering security services in Iraq,Afghanistan and other problem areas.

16 Jan 08,, 22:53
As you are aware professionals like doctors,engineers and lawyers of these countries are offering their services globally and I believe it is time for the soldiers to do the same.

Officer of Engineers
17 Jan 08,, 05:08
Military professionals from those countries are being employed but through American/Western firms who have exclusive rights in Iraq.