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12 Jan 08,, 14:42
I am currently reading a very interesting book, "ROMES GREATEST DEFEAT - Massacre In The Teutoburg Forest" by Adrian Murdoch and was interested to know peoples opinions of Arminius.

12 Jan 08,, 23:31
He betrayed his word, which was to the Roman Empire when he became a citizen of Rome.

Officer of Engineers
13 Jan 08,, 01:36
Rome betrayed him.

13 Jan 08,, 08:45
How did Rome betrayed him?

13 Jan 08,, 17:31
I beleive he was an oportunist
Sorry about the mis-spelling

Officer of Engineers
13 Jan 08,, 18:54
How did Rome betrayed him?By treaty, Arminius's people were to provide troops for the Empire. They were used as "cannon fodder" instead.

19 Jan 08,, 03:09
Arminius assimilated the Roman culture and he was the object of envy by the establishment of his time

07 Apr 08,, 13:15
I voted all three because it depends on which perspective you view him as. Hermann was certainly a hero.

02 Aug 09,, 12:45
A much less admirable figure who pretty much handed Bengal over to Robert Clive and the East India Company:

Mir Jafar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mir_Jafar)

03 Aug 09,, 02:59
"Varus, give me back my legions!"

Rome: Total War has a scenario battle where you can attempt to win as the Romans (I've found it impossible every time I've tried it...) I think you may even be able to command the German troops (never tried it, didn't sound like a challenge after playing as the Romans...)

I knew it was an ambush, but just did a tiny bit of reading up on the history of it. Seems to me that Arminius was more of an opportunist. Romans at the time viewed the Germans as barbarians right? Why did they trust the guy? Because he had been a hostage in his youth? The "Stockholm Syndrome" hadn't been invented yet.

03 Aug 09,, 20:58
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well, now that i'm here-- the words "traitor" and "patriot" is pretty amusing to me, as who here is a roman citizen or a member of arminius's tribe?

04 Aug 09,, 00:45
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04 Aug 09,, 13:44
I always thought these people that went to Rome and got educated were ahem "hostages" like Arminius and thus their loyalty was more or less forced.