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Silent Hunter
26 Dec 07,, 18:24
007tSWLM_0752 (http://screenmusings.org/TheSpyWhoLovedMe/pages/007tSWLM_0752.htm)

Are these real sub classes? The one on the left looks like a "Delta" to me..

27 Dec 07,, 01:12
007tSWLM_0752 (http://screenmusings.org/TheSpyWhoLovedMe/pages/007tSWLM_0752.htm)

Are these real sub classes? The one on the left looks like a "Delta" to me..

From Wikipedia: Apparently the subs are plywood and fiberglass waterline models and mostly based upon the imaginations of the craftsmen.


In March 1976 construction began of a new sound stage at Pinewood, the 007 Stage. To complement this stage, EON also paid for the building a water tank in capable of storing approximately 1,200,000 gallons. The soundstage was in fact so enormous that celebrated director Stanley Kubrick visited the production, in secret, to advise on how to light the stage.[5]

31 Dec 07,, 16:35
007tSWLM_0752 (http://screenmusings.org/TheSpyWhoLovedMe/pages/007tSWLM_0752.htm)

Are these real sub classes? The one on the left looks like a "Delta" to me..I like to identify the "inspiration" for fictional ships in movies, i.e. "what was the production designers aiming for?"

I've loved this particular movie since I was a kid. The disco music-enhanced "reach the other crews, and then make for the armoury" scene remains a huge favourite scene of mine.

The center sub is the fictional USS Wayne (SSN-593) which is a really bizarre choice for a hull number on the part of the production designers, as it belongs to the ill-fated USS Thresher. (a salute to Thresher's lost crew maybe? :confused: )

As far as the mock-up for the movie goes, the fairwater planes are too low for a Thresher/Permit-class (the hull number would be under the planes, rather then above them, properly speaking).

A better possibility would be a Sturgeon-class, but then the planes are just too high this time around.

The British submarine is very easy, as there was only one RN SSBN class in service at the time, the Resolution-class.
The fictional HMS Ranger also fits nicely into the class naming scheme.
The mock-up is pretty good, although I'm unsure about those folding dive planes.

The Soviet sub is...a problem. The designers were obviously going for a Yankee I or Yankee II (possibly a Delta I too) I but they seem to have forgotten to put the fairwater planes on the sail!

Oh well, at least they thought to paint the de rigueur red star on it, just to remind us that this was a Soviet SSBN. :redface:

Silent Hunter
31 Dec 07,, 16:39
Thanks. I'm doing a section called "Mnogo Nukes" on Television Tropes & Idioms (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage), which is on Soviet/Russian nuclear weapons.

This will be really helpful.