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04 Jan 05,, 03:19
Ok,I have a question. I'm a little ignorant about this whole thing, so bear with if question might sound dumb or obvious :redface: . Why does the U.S and other countries,tell countries like Iran and North Korea to stop building nuclear weapons?Of course these countries wouldnt think twice about blowing us up,if we step out of line with them, but these countries still have a right to defend themselves right? If anyone could give me some feedback on this,it'll be great.

Thanx :)

Franco Lolan
04 Jan 05,, 03:59
I have a MUN topic on nuclear proliferation, representing Germany.
Haven't been doing that research, yet (still on Topic 1: Taiwan Strait). Feel welcome to visit the European portion of the Forum under "Germany's role in nuclear non-proliferation" and commment.
The concept of "right to defend themselves" was drummed up by an influential Indian (not coming up right now [search on Carnegie Institute for Nonproliferation. I think the article is there]).

We don't let them because our self-interest says no. Its good for us to have nukes, bad for them to have nukes because they can hurt US.

On your comment of "wouldn't think twice": I definitely think they would think twice, particularly Iran.