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18 Dec 07,, 21:47
Here's the inaugural issue of the Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel.

Combating Terrorism Center (http://www.ctc.usma.edu/sentinel)

The Combating Terrorism Center is privileged to present the CTC Sentinel, our new monthly online journal devoted to understanding and confronting contemporary threats posed by terrorism, insurgency and other forms of political violence.

The CTC Sentinel draws from the Centerís network of scholars and practitioners dedicated to the study of terrorism and counter-terrorism to provide the most well-informed forum for the analysis of these most pressing security challenges facing the United States and its allies. The CTC Sentinel supports the Centerís dual mission of educating a new generation of leaders and conducting objective, policy-relevant, informative and rigorous research of the highest standards geared both to the specialist and larger interested public.

Leading this project is Erich Marquardt, who joins the CTC from The Jamestown Foundation, where he was the editor of Terrorism Focus and Terrorism Monitor and the Program Manager of Global Terrorism Analysis. The CTC Sentinelís editorial board includes CTC Director of Research Dr. Jarret Brachman, Senior Associate Brian Fishman, CTC Director of Terrorism Studies Dr. James Forest, and Senior Research Fellow Dr. Assaf Moghadam.

This inaugural issue contains the following articles:

Abu Mus`ab al-Suriís Critique of Hard Line Salafists in the Jihadist Current by Brynjar Lia
Countering Terrorist Use of the Web as a Weapon by Bruce Hoffman
Al-Qa`ida Losing Ground in Iraq by Mohammed M. Hafez
Al-Qa`idaís Resurgence in Pakistan by Bruce Riedel
The Saudi Process of Repatriating and Reintegrating Guantanamo Returnees by Christopher Boucek
Leading Egyptian Jihadist Sayyid Imam Renounces Violence by Jarret Brachman
Securing Yemenís Cooperation in the Second Phase of the War on al-Qa`ida by Gregory Johnsen
Southern Thailand Insurgency Fails to Achieve Popular Support by Peter Chalk
Recent Highlights in Terrorist Activity

You can view and download the CTC Sentinel online at: Combating Terrorism Center (http://www.ctc.usma.edu/sentinel)

18 Dec 07,, 21:55
Thanks. A very nice addition from CTC.

Dr. Forest and the folks continue doing an incredible job of peeling the onion.

Swift Sword
19 Dec 07,, 00:09
Here's the inaugural issue of the Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel.


Thanks for the tip.

I think I will read that article on the bad guys and the Web right now.

Dr. Forest and the folks continue doing an incredible job of peeling the onion."


I heard onion peeling is a dead end job ;)



19 Dec 07,, 00:16
"I heard onion peeling is a dead end job"

More like a never-ending task, methinks.

Swift Sword
19 Dec 07,, 01:05
"I heard onion peeling is a dead end job"

More like a never-ending task, methinks.

Until you get to the center and behold what is there.

I have heard it said "if you hear an onion ring, answer it". Given their nature, perhaps those yummy members of the genus allium are a good metaphor for Pan Islamism.

Speaking of metaphors, Hoffman's piece in the "Sentinel" (a nice summary of the state of affairs but not much new, BTW) compares al Qaeda to a shark which has some interesting implications.

Got me to thinking about lampreys and remoras which might make for interesting speculation given Mao's axiom about the fishes in the sea regarding guerillas and insurgents and how it relates to the Pan Islamic menace.

Coincidentally, I have already chopped one onion for the soup and have two more for this evenings apple-spinach salad (which will really be an apple-pear-spinach salad as I am shy an apple).

So, off I go to wield a knife against two onions while pondering the anatomy, taxonomy, life cycle and parasites of Pan Islamic terrorist organizations with Mao's "Gureilla Warfare" looming in the hind brain. Ain't life grand?

Hope your eating good and thinking as well this evening,


P.S.: off topic, really, and all pretense at metaphors aside, has anyone ever done a military history of the onion?

19 Dec 07,, 01:18
Jambalaya, made yesterday, thickened out with potatoes, bacon, pork andouille, and some frozen shrimp.

Reading Brynjar Lia's article on Abu Musab al-Suri. It ties nicely with an earlier CTC report entitled "Harmony and Disharmony-Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities (C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Military Documents\AQI-AQ\Harmony & Disharmony- Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities.htm)

It's probably in the Staff College somewhere but worth linking to this article, in particular.

Enjoy dinner. Food's fun. Bon appetit!

19 Dec 07,, 11:41

Thanks for the CTC magazine.

Going through the same and it is real good.

I will be asking our CI chaps to have a look and get the Indian Embassy to subscribe for the same.

In fact, I will ask out ARTRAC to get a copy too!

The Chap
22 Feb 08,, 03:32
Is it as good as Janes? The monthly Int. is a glossy. I ask in comparison to say a Int. Digest. Independent opinion.:)