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29 Oct 07,, 20:21
An effort to assert itself as the regional power? Counterbalance Chavez's spending? Still tiny compared to US military expenditure. The article has been reproduced around the web, and there is one critical error -- last year Brazil spent $13.4 billion (2005 dollars), and a 50%+ increase would push it to over $20 billion.

Brazil boosts military spending more than 50 percent

BRAZIL has announced it plans to boost its military spending by more than 50 percent in 2008, to around US$5 billion ($5.4 billion), and draw up a new defense plan, but told its neighbors they should not worry.

"Brazil has well established, peaceful relations with all South American nations ... one of our political priorities is economic and structural integration of the region ... (and in 2008) we'll also be strengthening our military links," Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, said in a public speech.

Brazil, he added, cannot "neglect its defense. Therefore, we will increase our budget outlays and investment in the army, navy and air force by more than 50 percent".

He also said Brazil "is elaborating a national strategy defense plan that will determine each military branch's mission and the equipment it needs for its activities".

Mr Jobin said the military equipment envisioned in the plan includes new fighter jets.

Brazil in 2002 mothballed military programs to buy 12 fighther jets worth around four billion dollar, and build a nuclear submarine over 10 years for a total cost of 1.3 billion dollars. These programs could be relaunched in 2008.

According to official figures made public on Sunday, Brazil has requested in its 2008 budget proposal to Congress some $5 billion for its military forces, with the possibility of raising it to $5.64 billion.

In 2007, Brazil's military budget was around $3.5 billion.
Brazil boosts military spending more than 50 percent | NEWS.com.au (http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22665045-23109,00.html)

29 Oct 07,, 21:53
Their equipment seems to be somewhat outdated. Their newest tanks are Leopard 1A5, and M60's. Also there seems to be a major COIN slant against internal rebels in the design of the military. The troop deployment, and procurement of Embraer Tucano and Super Tucano light-attack fighters indicates that their military is ready to fight internal enemies, rather then external ones.

Tarek Morgen
29 Oct 07,, 22:15
As far as my understanding of the politics down there goes, Brazil hopes for a bigger leadership role in Latin America, and a bigger role in world in general (member of the G4). Being able to do at least some regional power projection certainly won't hurt their ambitions in this area..if they can afford the money to do it.

30 Oct 07,, 01:30
Well first they would have to re-orient their military and re-organize on a major scale before they can start accepting new equipment.