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29 Oct 07,, 13:33
The Khadr family, in Canada only because we are stupid enough to allow these people citizenship, are unhappy their son Omar(he killed an American medic and blinded another in a firefight in Afghanistan) has been locked up in Cuba for his actions and awaiting trail for several years now. Well cry me a river. This is the same family that had its father die fighting with the Taliban and his other brother was crippled and at Canadian taxpayer expense motors around in a spiffy new wheel chair.The mother only recently claimed Canada and the west moral wrecks full of homosexuals(not that theres anything wrong with it)and godless. For all their complaining they sure don,t mind those monthly checks they recieve as refugees.(that word just makes me gag). Now this women has the nerve to go on one of our National TV broadcasts demanding to be heard. That popping noise are my blood vessels bursting in fustration at the contempt of this family and our immigration system that allows this crap to go on.Rant over. Cheers.

Officer of Engineers
29 Oct 07,, 13:48

The family is not all bad. One of the sons, now disowned, was an informant.

29 Oct 07,, 14:51

In your opinion does the west take political correctness a bit too much,
or is it, their real strength.

Officer of Engineers
29 Oct 07,, 15:40
It's a case of the conqueror having to live with the conquered with the latter no longer being tagged as 2nd class citizens. Behave correctly or faced an internal rebellion.