View Full Version : NEW IPods,touch screen ipods,160gbipod video,new nano n shuffle

05 Sep 07,, 22:23
:eek: :eek: :eek: New Ipods

80gb ipod video=250 dollars
160gb ipod video 350 dollars
ipod touch=big touch screen,wi fi internet acess,full safari web browser etc
ipod nano=2.5 inch screen and videos
ipod suffle=250songs new look.

Kiss that zune goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tongue: :biggrin:


ipod touch looks a lot like the iphone though.

05 Sep 07,, 23:41
Unless you're really into videos, 160GB of storage for audio files only is a total waste for most people. Except DJ's.

06 Sep 07,, 00:45
Are you suddenly an iPod supporter? :tongue:

You know, at first glance your post looked like our usual spam attacks until I saw the author :biggrin:

If I purchase a new iPod - and I have no real reason to - I'll probably go with that 80GB Classic. Looks like it'll fit the bill nicely.

07 Sep 07,, 22:04
Nah I drift between product bands when it comes to things like mp3/media players I prefer the best product!Right now Ipods are the best so im pro Ipod right now!:biggrin:

07 Sep 07,, 23:07
I'm in to the new nano - video play on the go in a flash player would be handy for me, I hate the HDD ipods and they're massive failure rates.

08 Sep 07,, 00:40
Start Rant: :mad:

I'm beginning to dislike Apple intensely. For all their posturing they are far worse than MS when it comes to standardization of any interface. Why force us to use iTunes for everything? Why prevent me from using songs that i legally bought on iTunes from playing on another computer I use? Why use unwieldy proprietary cables for data/power transfer when standard USB connectors are better at it?

If you then proceeded to do all of this why cry wolf when MS sticks IE in windows?

And I totally fail to get how people cheer Jobs on when he announces that you'll have to pay $.99 to use a portion of a song(that you already legally own) as a ringtone.

I admire their ability to fashion devices which are simple and easy to use. But why begrudge someone else the same right and why act all superior?

End Rant! :biggrin: Ah! I feel better now.

08 Sep 07,, 01:03
Omg. Ipod.