View Full Version : Trailer for Alien vs Predator 2

28 Aug 07,, 00:14
Here is the new trailer for Alien vs Predator 2 ...

enjoy!! :biggrin:

IGN: Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem Trailer, Videos and Movies (http://media.movies.ign.com/media/746/746237/vids_1.html)

28 Aug 07,, 12:52
The first predator was the only one that was good. I missed the "my men were in that CHOPPAH" quotes from Arnold.

Oh yes and the first 2 Alien movies were good as well.

28 Aug 07,, 17:46
Is this the movie where humans walk into a war path between alien and predator?

Big K
29 Aug 07,, 13:42
in the game Marines rules :) preds come 2nd aliens 3rd