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Big K
27 Aug 07,, 09:18
Sometimes in some threads we've discussed about some peoples nationality by looking their clothes...

some friends sad that "they can not be Muslims because they are not wearing "headscarves" or some like....

please check this....maybe this picture can show how people are living sidebyside without any significant differences...

heres 2 pictures...



Source :Taken from a very valuable ethnographic research which was conducted and photographed by Mr. Osman Hamdi and Mr. Pascal Sébah and published as “Les Costumes Populaires de la Turquie en 1873” “The Popular Costumes of Turkey in 1873”.From “Vilayet de Diarbekir” means “City of Diyarbakır”

27 Aug 07,, 14:04
Qu'ran does not say that women should dig in and now show anything. It says as much as the Bible does - no immodest clothing. It is often the (barbaric) culture of the people that brings such things.

I know Turkish women that are Muslim but are very liberal in attitude and clothing. In the end, it all comes down to self-respect. If you can respect yourself with having a certain attitude and clothing, it is good, whether you are Atheist, Christian or Muslim.

Big K
27 Aug 07,, 15:46

i've posted this because i remember when that i've showed some photos as Muslim women some members sad me that they can not be Muslim because they are not wearing headscarves etc...

i wanted to show them how similar were the clothings of these times...

especially look at the second photo....the black chador is on the Christian woman...

cultures are crowded....

27 Aug 07,, 15:59
Yes, I've noticed it. I thought one of the points you were making is that it isn't necessary to follow a certain dress code to be a good Muslim.

I added that as long as you can respect yourself, it is good.

27 Aug 07,, 18:24
According to a lecturer Hittite prostitutes were the first users of headscarf... For old Arabia headscarf has very important role and it was very successful on its role. But for now it is needless and it creates only problems...

27 Aug 07,, 18:28
Big K.

What you have shown is the sign of the times. And there was no difference amongst anyone.

However, today under the influences of the Mullahs, the good Moslem is being portrayed as one who is wearing the kaffan!

27 Aug 07,, 23:22
I think Big K's words are to some of them so called turkey experts about turkish armenian relations...

28 Aug 07,, 02:37
Are there any nude beaches in any of the Islamic nations?

28 Aug 07,, 04:30
Big K is an Armenian?

Repatriated Canuck
28 Aug 07,, 06:00
Are there any nude beaches in any of the Islamic nations?

Man I wonder how well that would go over?

Big K
28 Aug 07,, 08:16
Are there any nude beaches in any of the Islamic nations?

infact...yes...there are some in here :)

28 Aug 07,, 18:46
infact...yes...there are some in here Almost all beaches are full of nudes but it is illegal being nude in public.

I think there is no legal -open to public- nude beaches in any islamic country, at least i haven't heard any in Turkey.

28 Aug 07,, 18:47
Turkey is, if memory serves, not an Islamic country.