View Full Version : IN Air force rolls out first domestically built SU-30MKI

09 Dec 04,, 21:55
hmmmm.....!:rolleyes: Kinda makes me wonder what the 'Indian' content is in these MKI's?:rolleyes: :rolleyes: ...I bet only 40%! :biggrin:

Anyway its still an accomplishment for them...goin from ridin a jackass to assemblin them Sukhoi's!:biggrin:

Alright enough pun intended, now to the real news! Also note they will be making em till 2018! :eek:

IN Air force rolls out first domestically built SU-30MKI

The IN Air force has rolled out their first home built Sukoi-30 MKI from the Nasik Division, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). The SU30 MKI is fitted with indigenous avionics such as mission computers, radars developed by the Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE). HAL will produce 140 more aircraft in four phases using Russian built kits first, and will eventually replacing them with raw materials. The final aircraft will be delivered by 2018.

The first of 32 semi-assembled MKI began arriving from Russia on 25 June 2002. Unlike other Su-30 models, the MKI were produced with canards and thrust-vectoring control (TVC) engines. The main difference being that the vectored thrust nozzle assembly is applied to standard Lyulka-Saturn AL-31F turbofan engines rather than the AL-37FU's fitted to the Su-37 prototype. (Excerpts from the Indian Express and other sources.)