View Full Version : Attention all WAB Members.

17 Jul 07,, 00:20
I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the Forum Guidlines (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/member-introductions/2232-forum-guidelines-revised-2-15-07-a.html)
and especially the first sentence

Therefore we have devised a set of guidelines designed not to stifle debate, rather, to enhance it. To help maintain a level of high quality discussion, types of behaviors that are forbidden include, but are not limited to:
As is stated, these are guidlines, and are set as such so that moderators and administrators have discretion in how they are applied. As such, a newbie to the forum will often be subject to stricter interpretation of the rules than an established member when that member has already demonstrated their value to the forum by the quality of their general posts.
As has been stated, this forum is not a knitting circle and as such established members from time to time may develop arguments that become personal; our usual approach to these is to close the thread, thus indicating our displeasure without having to use more punitive measures against those members.
Our other council in these matters is that the ignore function is a valuable means to avoid argument until tempers calm and normal conversation can be resumed. This is, IMHO, a board that sets the standards on the net for educated debate and it is a pity if members cannot see past a single dispute to the true value of the board, both in the value it brings to the members and the value they add to it.
Finally I'd like to express my concern for Officer Of Engineers with his wife's on-going chemotherapy and wish him and his family all the best at this time.
I would also request that if the recent disputes are still an issue with you, that you discuss it in private either with myself or Tophatter through private messaging and not burden the Colonel with it for the moment.