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30 Jun 07,, 19:11
Afghanistan Soviet War (full version) (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5931942340790284291)

I found this documentary on google. It gives a glimpse of COL Vasenin's day to day routine during the war. On the journey he takes a Afghani General President who is in charge of Afghanistan's roads with him on the convoy. They get ambushed and as a result the General President was heavily wounded.The General's diplomat was blown up by the grenade (or so they say in the video) that entered the BTR. You see one soldier showing a charred remains of the seat and saying how this is what was left of the diplomat. Another scene is where he sees 3 Soldiers beating up another one on the road near 3 stopped trucks. The Colonel sees this and reacts accordingly by telling them that they are arrested for 7 days. Fruther down the road he sees a convoy that is halted and proceeds to inform the senior lieutenant that up the road he has fellow 3 Soldiers beating one other Soldier. He also chides him for not being at the scene supervising the repair of the truck that is broken down in the convoy and asks him why he hasn't set up security and let the rest of the convoy drive on. There is also a scene where an artillery storage is exploding near a base due to a fire ( or maybe insurgents ). The last scene shows the Colonel visiting some wounded Soldiers. I was amazed at the openness of this film.

01 Jul 07,, 16:13
Nice find.
Some very interesting footage there, not to mention the funky 80's Russian? pop music. The one downside of it for me was the lack of english subtitles which meant I had stuff all idea of what was going on at times. But I did get to see a couple of Hinds as consolation. :)