View Full Version : Moto RIZR can't be seen by my computer.

07 Jun 07,, 01:35
Yea I seriously have a problem with transferring files to my RIZR via usb cable from my computer.It has a micro sd card which is 128mb and comes with an adapter. In order to put songs on my rizr I had to physically take out the micro sd card put it into the sd card adapter and connect it to my computer via my printers pict bridge to load songs onto the card. Now when the card is in my phone and i plug it in to the USB port the phone recognizes it's plugged into a usb port so i don't think it's a phone problem.However My computer doesn't seem to do anything when I plug it in. I tried using my parents Nokia 5300 express music phone and the computer recognizes it just fine. Can anyone help me with my problem?thanks.

07 Jun 07,, 01:40
You need to load the drivers onto your pc.
Should be able to get them here (http://www.h4x3d.com/motorola-razr-v3i-software-usb-driver/), plus other authoring software to turn music into ringtones etc

07 Jun 07,, 22:29
thanks but I have the RIZR not the RAZR

MOTORIZR - Cell Phones - Motorola (http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motorizr/)

07 Jun 07,, 22:41
thanks but I have the RIZR not the RAZR

MOTORIZR - Cell Phones - Motorola (http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motorizr/)

Nevertheless the drivers are what you need. I'm surprised your pc doesn't simply look it up on line when you plug it in....

07 Jun 07,, 23:23
Apart from the drivers - which you absolutely need, I believe you have to have a 2.0 USB port. I have run into that with my Kodak also. You should be able to buy a USB 2.0 card for like $10.

09 Jun 07,, 09:04
Check if there are any drivers installed against that port, bluetooth etc, it sometimes then causes problems.

inseer the cable and select USP pop port interface, a icon will appear down right, and it should work also install the drivers.

If you want to do pop port way you dont need drivers but does your phone supoprts usb pop port interface?

else you need drivers.

Also remember if you use pop port, just like any other pend rive works , remove the mem card using "Safely remove hardwae option" from right down screen of the icon.