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01 Jun 07,, 00:10
Ok ladies and gents, we all have them, the tools of war that some how also embody an element or artisitc grace, or even just a simple brutal straightforward agression that caught your eye. What are your top three choices for the most beautiful pieces of military equipment of all time?

Here are mine

Gladius, simple strong but graceful and oh so very deadly.


M1A2, On the opposite end of the scale, complex, big, and not very pretty unless you know what your looking at, then she is a masterpiece.


Ohio class SSBN, Very very big, yet graceful and silent and the worlds deadliest assassin of all time.


01 Jun 07,, 11:45
I like this new toy.
LPD-17 San Antonio Class: The USA's New Amphibious Ships (updated) (defense acquisition, defence purchasing, military procurement) (http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/2006/10/lpd17-san-antonio-class-the-usas-new-amphibious-ships-updated/index.php)